Advanced Genome Bioinformatics

UPF Master in Bioinformatics 2016-2017

Eduardo Eyras
eduardo.eyras [at]



  1. Naive Bayes model to classify tissue types and brain regions using splicing patterns Assignment description.
  2. Markov model to predict RNA binding sites of a protein Description.
  3. Hidden Markov model of 5' splice-site selection Assignment description
  4. Hidden Markov model of the U2 branch point Assignment description
  5. Hidden Markov model of the U12 branch point Assignment description

Some Perl notes.

Written Exam


Recommended bibliography

Other courses on-line

For Markov models, Hidden Markov Models and the EM algorithm, see the excellent courses by:

Some on-line PERL books and courses:

Some recommended reading on molecular biology and genetics: