Sarajevo was its provincial capital

Gavrilo Princip The Teenager Who Started World War I

moncler bambino saldi Two moncler bambino saldi Bullets That Led a World piumini moncler uomo WarOne hundred years ago, on June 28, 1914, a young, a nineteen year old Serbian radical named Gavrilo Princip fired two shots from a semi automatic, 38 caliber pistol at close range into the back seat of the open car in which the heir to the Austrian Throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were riding. moncler bambino saldi

Standing about five feet away, the first bullet hit the Archduke in the neck, piercing his jugular vein. The second hit his wife Sophie in the abdomen as she threw herself over her wounded husband in an attempt to prevent further injury to him.

piumini moncler saldi While the assassination was well planned, things did not go as planned and the Archduke and his wife would not have been killed had it not been for a couple of chance coincidences. piumini moncler saldi

Kingdom of Serbia and Dream of Union of South Slavic PeoplesIn 1914 the Kingdom of Serbia was an independent nation the parts of which had broken away from the Ottoman and Hapsburg (Austrian) empires over the course of the first half of the nineteenth century.

piumini moncler outlet While the the population of the Kingdom of Serbia was mostly Serbs, one of the sub groups moncler outlet trebaseleghe that comprised the large South Slav group, Serbia was not the only territory in the area with a large Serbian population. Neighboring Bosnia Herzegovina, which was a part of the Austro moncler outlet Hungarian Empire, also included many Serbs. Sarajevo was its provincial capital. piumini moncler outlet

The ambitions of many Serbians, especially those in the Serbian government, was to unite all of the South Slavs into a single Serbian led state. The fact that much of the territory populated by South Slavs was controlled by the Austro Hungarian Empire led to tensions between the Kingdom of Serbia and the Austrian Empire.

moncler outlet online uomo Possible Direct Serbian Role in the AssassinationThere is some evidence and rumors that Dragutin Dimitrijevi, the moncler outlet online uomo Kingdom of Serbia’s Chief of Military Intelligence recruited Gavrilo Princip along with Nedeljko abrinovi and Trifko Grabe all of whom were Bosnian Serbs and members of Young Bosnia, a revolutionary youth group. moncler outlet online uomo

Once trained and armed the moncler saldi uomo young men and some others were sent back home to Sarajevo to assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand during the Archduke’s planned visit to Sarajevo on June 28th.

moncler uomo In addition to his official position piumini moncler as Chief of Military Intelligence, Dimitrijevi was also the head of Ujedinjenje ili Smrt, (Unification or Death), a secret Serbian society commonly known as the Black Hand. This group was founded in 1901 by members of the Serbian military with the aim of uniting all territories populated by South Slavs. moncler uomo

Proponents of this limited evidence claim that Dimitrijevi planned the operation and then provided each of his recruits with a gun, bomb/hand grenade (in those days the words bomb and grenade appear to be used interchangeably to describe small, hand thrown explosives) and a cyanide piumini moncler saldi pill. Their mission was to assassinate the Archduke and then kill themselves with the cyanide to prevent their being captured and interrogated.

moncler donna Dimitrijevi, according to these accounts, then a knockout post moncler outlet provided the conspirators with access to safe houses and assistance in sneaking back into Bosnia with their illegal weapons. moncler donna

Claims of official Serbian complicity in the assassination are fortified by documentary evidence that implies that the Serbian Prime Minister, Nikola Pai was not only aware of the plan to assassinate the Archduke but also tried, unsuccessfully, to halt the project. As with Dimitrijevi’s role, the evidence to date is inconclusive and scholars are still divided as to the extent of Serbian complicity in the assassination.

moncler saldi uomo In any case Pai appears to have shared Dimitrijevi’s dream of a united South Slavic nation but, if he did know about Dimitrijevi’s assassination plan (and this assumes that Dimitrijevi was behind the assassination) Pai opposed the action. moncler saldi uomo

Evidence that the Assassination was Locally PlannedOther accounts tend to credit Danilo Ili, a twenty one year old Bosnian journalist and Serbian nationalist, as the person who conceived the idea of assassinating the Archduke and then led the conspiracy.

Ili, was also a member of the Black Hand and was probably at least in contact with the Black Hand Leader Dragutin Dimitrijevi.

moncler bambino outlet At the time many Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to be united moncler saldi with Serbia instead of Austria. Also many non Serbs, joined the Serbs in wanting a union of all South Slavs into one Yugoslav state. The creation of an independent Yugoslav state was Princip’s motivation for the assassination. moncler bambino outlet

moncler outlet trebaseleghe Ili, a Bosnian Serb like Princip, was friends with Gavrilo Princip. In addition to Princip, Ili also recruited five other Bosnian Serbs, the brothers moncler outlet serravalle Vaso and Veljko ubrilovi, Trifko Grabe,Cvjetko Popovi and Nedeljko abrinovi along with an impoverished member of Bosnia’s Muslim nobility, Muhamed Mehmedbai, for his assassination team. moncler outlet trebaseleghe

moncler outlet Danilo Ili and all seven of the men he recruited were members of a radical organization Young Bosnia, which was a group consisting of students and other young people infatuated with popular ideas and causes of the that era which ranged from idealistic to radical. Like youth attracted similar groups before and since, these seven migrated from idealism to radical terrorism. moncler outlet

In addition to Danilo Ili, Veljko ubrilovi and Muhamed Mehmedbai were also a members of both Black Hand and Young Bosnia.

moncler saldi On Sunday June 28, 1914, Ili placed the six assassins at key points along the route to be taken by Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The idea was that, if one missed moncler bambino outlet or failed to have a clear shot at the Archduke, another of the assassins would have a chance further along the route. moncler saldi

piumini moncler uomo This use of six assassins placed in moncler outlet online shop different positions turned out piumini moncler outlet to be necessary for the success of the assassination mission despite the fact that the mission did not go as originally planned. piumini moncler uomo

piumini moncler scontatissimi First Attempt to Kill Archduke Thwarted and Second Attempt FailedMuhamed Mehmedbai, armed with a bomb (most likely a grenade of some type), was placed moncler saldi outlet in the first position. However, as the motorcade and the Archduke’s car passed, Mehmedbai choose not to throw his moncler uomo bomb. He later claimed that a policeman was standing behind him and he feared that if he pulled out the device the policeman piumini moncler scontatissimi would arrest him and prevent him from throwing it. piumini moncler scontatissimi

moncler saldi outlet The next assassin along the route was Nedeljko outlet moncler abrinovi. As the motorcade passed, abrinovi threw the bomb he was carrying at the open car in which the Archduke, his wife and Governor Potiorek were riding in the back seat. moncler saldi outlet

The bomb landed on the back end of the royal’s moncler donna car, bounced off and rolled under another car behind in the motorcade before exploding. If the timing on its fuse had been shorter abrinovi might have been the one who succeeded in killing the royal party. However, he only ended up wounding some people in the crowd and two members of the Archduke’s party in the car under which the bomb exploded.

outlet moncler Having failed in his mission, abrinovi immediately took flight and, while fleeing, twice failed to kill himself. First by swallowing a cyanide pill and then by jumping into the Miljacka River. outlet moncler

moncler outlet online shop The cyanide pill was apparently old and had lost much of its potency. It made him ill but didn’t kill him. As for the river, it was only about four inches deep and he was easily grabbed from the river by the police who were chasing him. moncler outlet online shop

Princip Flees to a New Location and Awaits a Second Chance to Kill Archduke FerdinandFollowing the explosion, the car with the Archduke sped away and the surging crowd and chaos that followed abrinovi’s bomb made it impossible to continue the mission at that time.

moncler outlet serravalle While his co conspirators had apparently taken off following the failed bomb attempt, Princip wandered over to Franz Josef Street near the Latin Bridge and the Appel Quay on which the Archduke’s motorcade had been traveling. He had decided to remain in the area, where according to the newspapers, the Archduke would again pass on its way back to his train. This would give him one more chance to complete his deadly mission. moncler outlet serravalle

piumini moncler Following the bombing, the Archduke’s car sped away from the scene and straight to the Town Hall where a reception had been planned for the Archduke. Following the reception, Archduke Ferdinand decided to cancel the other events planned for the day and instead visit his injured companions in the hospital piumini moncler.