They are currently grazing only four miles from those

Intelligent Sheep Baa

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cheap Canada Goose So researchers at Cambridge University have come up with the astounding news that sheep may be quite intelligent and that if shown pictures they can canada goose outlet authentic tell the difference between the former President of America, Barack Obama, and the BBC’s celebrity newsreader Fiona Bruce and by going to the right one and giving them a nose nudge they can receive a treat from a food dispenser. cheap Canada Goose

In fact it shows that some sheep are more intelligent than me I have terrible trouble with sweet and drink dispensers. What the Cambridge intelligentsia have been doing may be called research I call it stating the obvious, and how are the researchers rewarded after all this with a PhD in “Baaology”.

Sheep are very intelligent animals they always have been they are animals with little or no defence just the odd canada goose parka uk horn yet they have survived for thousands of years. And how have they achieved this? By becoming friendly with Homo sapiens Man. Yes, sheep and humans have become the best of buddies.

Canada Goose sale We eat them, at least some pe ople eat them I had a delicious lamb curry the other night, absolutely wonderful. But by being chummy with Man sheep are locked into a “symbiotic” relationship. Both the sheep and mankind benefit from the relationship, with or without Barack Obama and Fiona Bruce. The sheep get protected from foxes, wolves or whatever; in addition they are fed and watered and given whatever medicine they require to keep them healthy; then on the other side of the fence or dry stone canada goose outlet uk sale wall the shepherds and their friends get meat, leather, rugs, coats and wool for a wide range of things from socks and jumpers, to carpets. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap That seems like a good deal to both canada goose outlet boston sides to me. There are other points too on this shepherd and sheep relationship some aspects of conservation for the benefit of wildflowers, butterflies and some birds require grazed Canada Goose Outlet fields my sheep are conservationists “conservation grazers” I need them, my Common blue butterflies need them. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Parka In addition sheep can eat and kill “ragwort” a “noxious weed ” that can poison cows and horses damaging the liver beyond repair. But sheep will chomp ragwort and then look round as if to s ay “more please “. It is one reason why I will not eat lamb’s liver from fields full of ragwort that have been grazed by sheep this sentence is included as “food for thought”. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats It must also be mentioned, that thanks to the EU closing down most of Britain’s canada goose outlet in uk small slaughter houses I have real problems over the size of our industrial slaughterhouses and the distance some sheep canada goose outlet online store have to travel to be slaughtered. In 2008 I heard David Cameron, clearly canada goose outlet seattle in dream land, say that if he became Prime Minister he would bring back small, local slaughterhouses he never did of course what a surprise! canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet Michael Gove has started off brilliantly as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs let’s hope he can get sanity and humanity back in to the way our lamb gets onto the table. As Chairman of the Countryside Restoration Trust I have invited him to visit our headquarters at Lark Rise Farm in Cambridgeshire there he can meet my Rough Fell sheep and hear a plea for the return of local slaughter houses. Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket My sheep are very intelligent and do not need pictures of Barack Obama, Fiona Bruce, Uncle Tom Cobley or anybody to demonstrate their wisdom. They are currently grazing only four miles from those Cambridge “Baaology” researchers. If they had called to see me and my sheep they would have seen that I have only to walk into the field and my sheep love me they come up to me I have to rub heads and fleeces they almost knock me over and they talk to me “Baa baa ” and I “Baa baa” back. canadian goose jacket

The researchers would immediately be aware that the sheep recognise both my face and my voice. If a researcher or a cameraman from the BBC’s Natural History unit put in an appearance, called them, or approached them, they would be off in the opposite direction at full speed. Earlier research by American scientists has shown that sheep can recognise up to fifty faces, human, or their own kind so in fact recognising pictures of Barack Obama or Fiona Bruce after being repeatedly shown them is no big deal.

canada goose store They also recognise dogs, good dogs and bad dogs. Our Labrador, Reuben, is tolerated when the terrier arrives they stamp their canada goose outlet mall feet and Monty the terrible terrorist backs off. Almost inevitably they also recognise buckets that may contain food. Approach them with a black bucket and they are not interested approach them with a red bucket containing nuts and they will almost flatten me in the rush. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket Mention of sheep and dogs reminds me of my time presenting One Man and His Dog for the BBC a programme that celebrated both intelligent dogs “Border Collies” and intelligent shepherds and sheep, canada goose outlet jackets featuring a variety of brilliant breeds. What a popular programme and what a disgrace that it finished to be replaced canada goose outlet online uk by a second rate imitation as part of Countryfile. Every canada goose outlet in chicago time that appears, I get letters canada goose outlet new york and phone calls of complaint from angry viewers but what can I do about it? buy canada goose canada goose outlet uk fake jacket

When One Man and His Dog finished a Freedom of Information request revealed an internal BBC email that suggested that there was a difficulty in finishing off the programme as it had the same viewing figures as Countryfile; the email warned “Robin Page must not be told this “.

canada goose black friday sale Anybody wanting to see entertaining sheep dog trials can find them throughout Britain. Every year Lulu (Mrs Page) and I go to the Patterdale Dog Day in the Lake District on the last Saturday of August. This year several dogs were completely outwitted by some very bright, quick and feisty sheep. The event also has competitions for some wonderful hand carved shepherds’ crooks. But there is another aspect to all this what happens when the sheep appear to be more intelligent than the shepherd, or the researchers? canada goose black friday canada goose outlet michigan sale

Canada Goose Jackets One year I wanted to move my sheep from one end of the farm to the other without crossing a road. It meant swimming them over the local brook, when it had a good flow. On arrival at the bank the sheep said ” Excuse us, we don’t want to swim thank you”. I said, rather canada goose outlet winnipeg address unkindly:”Sorry you’ve got to” and a group of us drove them in, as a food bucket was waived at them from the other bank. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance sale Oh dear as the fleeces became water logged and heavy the paddles of the sheep became laboured and clearly showed why swimming sheep has never become a major animal based sport. Fortunately all the sheep survived and mouth to mouth resuscitation was not required but never again. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online If any Cambridge Researchers had been present they would have concluded that the sheep were far brighter than I was ; probably I could not have told the difference between Barack Obama or Fiona Bruce either. Canada Goose online

Brilliant as ever Robin. I do miss the Telegraph crosswords but I made a stand after some duffer decided they didn want you so I stopped buying it. Keep enjoying Patterdale dog day my best terrier was from a guy called Peter Martin in Kinlochard, Aberfoyle. His line bred Border/Lakeland dogs originally came from Glen Etive and were as hard as nails our Mac was a gem, his sire used by him as a work ally as a forest ranger in the Queen Forest. One day he was out with his fell pony deer stalking and Mac sire latched onto the pony nose and was still there when he caught up with the pair half a mile away. He and his wife fed me, gave me a piece of home made cake sodden in whisky and gave me 2 back off the 10 purchase price for Mac, It helped with the cost of the 550 mile round journey back to Lancashire which needed a gallon of oil in the owd Ford van which cost me 140 to buy. You can work out when that was if I tell you it only cost me 16 in fuel and my lunch for the day was a banana until I arrived at 9 Loch Ard cottages

Happy days, please keep entertaining us about proper Britain., Brian Gomm.

canada goose deals A lovely piece. You may be interested to know that sheepdog trials are still shown on BBC Alba, though the nationwide BBC is to busy propagandising its own, rather alarming agenda, to bother broadcasting such an interesting and straightforward programme about country life more widely. canada goose deals

canada goose coats on sale On another point, every so often I try and get the Daily Telegraph to publish a canada goose outlet online store review letter, but I am afraid that the true conservatism of the countryside is too rich a diet, for that increasingly metropolitan centred publication. This is the gist of my latest in a long line of attempts to storm their letters page Before a blade is pushed into the good earth we should pause and say to ourselves, this is the last time that food will be grown, or animals raised on this plot, there will be no more fieldfares visiting in the canada goose outlet in toronto winter, nor skylarks nesting in the summer. Blackthorn, hawthorn and rowan will canada goose outlet paypal never grow here again and neither will cowslip, speedwell or celandine bloom, the burns will be abstracted and dry to a trickle, or be diverted or forced to run through culverts. A one thousand home development, does not mean living but blocks and glass on the former countryside, a new road or railway line means no more than creeping urbanisation, and turns happy market towns into dormitories attached to retail parks. So before replacing soil with concrete, we should ask why is the population rising, what do we wish to leave our future descendants, and should we care less for the good lands of the British Isles than the African savannah, the rain forests of Brazil or the jungles of Borneo and if so why? canada goose outlet store montreal Because as any farmer will tell you, they aren making land anymore. yet again Robin article pricks the balloon of pomposity, a trait I find of great value in this world of PC and snowflake fragility so clearly led by self interest, whether of the hugely biased BBC or those manipulating or pandering to Mamon. canada goose coats on sale

Having had something of a dirth of Robin common sense approach to the countryside over the last month or two whilst he was forced to start clearing out the Augean Stables, for their Jubilee Year; placing them, hopefully back on a sounder Charity footing; I note from his Twitter feed he the Trustees have welcomed Dame Judi Dench as Patron of the CRT, Robin having founded it some 25 years ago and built it to its present state, ensuring it stayed in the public eye with his unique brand of humour.

A brand of humour that by its avoidence of PC has been willing to on the issues with both humour and at times much needed aggression, that may well have cost him his job at the BBC but has at least maintained a voice of sanity in countryside matters. A voice of sanity that has by its example attracted sound Trustees and what looks like a steady growth of the CRT of around 1M a year, largely from those who love the countryside and shun the urban damage done in the name of both progress and Mamon!

We are all indebted to the generosity of spirit of those who have given land, time, farms and money to build the CRT, and long may such donors continue to value the CRT contribution and the guidance of its Chairman Trustees. Let us hope to hear of mre land and farms being donated canada goose outlet store quebec in the not too distant future and a great boost to its success in this canada goose outlet price Jubilee year under the Patronage of Dame Judi Dench

I rather hope to read more of Robin articles, on a more frequent basis, on his blog, now that the CRT is increasingly starting to move forward on an even keel. The task may seem Herculean steering the Charity in a sound and ethical direction and I sure Robin does from time to time feel like Sysyphus, but be assured I for one value his input.

canada goose Perhaps he could be persuaded to encourage articles complimentary to his style and common sense as guest articles from the likes of David Bellamy perhaps also from the trustees of CRT who clearly value his countryside wisdom and common sense experience, even the abrasive bits, and controversy, that have maintained the profile both for himself and for CRT canada goose.