Klaus watched you for a moment and then squeezed your hands

navy tee shirt

Originally posted by eyesofwolf94Roman took a drag on his cigarette in the bar before pressing it into the table to put it out. He turned to you and took your hand, leading you over to the pool table in the corner of the canada goose outlet in canada room. All night, you had been teasing him to play pool with you, and all night he had refused, until he was a little bit too tipsy to refuse. gonna whoop your ass, little dove. giggled. doubt you could if you tried, Godfrey. He grinned, grabbed two pool cues and chalked them while you set up the balls. Roman handed you your cue http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com and stepped off to the side while you split the balls. He watched you place the tip of the cue between your index finger and thumb, swipe your tongue across your teeth, close one eye, and then take the first hit.Roman assessed the table, thinking of what he could do. You lost interest in watching him after awhile and glanced around the bar. It canada goose outlet locations in toronto had old school wood paneling on one side and the rest of the walls were painted in varying shades of red. There was one other pool table and a dart board hung up on the wall. Off in front of the bar were tables to sit, with high bar stools adorning the sides of each. Off to the side of the pool tables was another table with just two seats, and one of them was occupied.Your eyes averted from the table immediately, but you knew the man was staring at you. He seemed familiar, but you didn get a good look at him. For just a moment, you turned your attention back to canada goose outlet online Roman, who was still taking his turn, took a swig of his beer, and took canada goose outlet 2015 another glance at the canada goose outlet man.When you turned he was still shamelessly staring. He wore jeans and sneakers, a simple navy canada goose outlet usa green tee shirt and a necklace canada goose outlet online store review tied around his neck with a strap of black leather. When you saw his face, you gasped and turned back to the pool table. How was he here? You hadn seen Klaus since you moved to Hemlock Grove to escape the chaos that followed him, and now here he was on your doorstep. You hesitantly began to speak to Roman. be right back, okay? I think I know canada goose outlet mississauga that man over there. Roman looked up from the pool table and over to see who you were talking about.He sounded unsure, but he knew you would go whether he wanted you to or not. You leaned the pool cue against the table and made your way to Klaus.He smirked when you got closer, reaching out a hand. darling. are you doing here? Klaus face grew taut, his expression morphing into one of annoyance. canada goose womens outlet down to business I see. He glanced over your shoulder at Roman, who was watching you very intently. see you found someone to replace me. wasn replacing you. Why are you here? of my witches saw danger coming for you. He stood up and took your hands in his. please come with me. I can keep you safe here, and certainly not with that around. He tilted his head towards Roman.is taking very good care of me. can do better than he can. His mother is the danger. You didn suspect anything less. Olivia loathed you, and you wouldn put it past her to kill you. Klaus watched the conflicting emotions reflect in your eyes, watched him watch you. Your mind suddenly drifted. He still looked at you the same: like there was no other person in the world, like he would always keep a place in his heart for you, like no one else would ever canada goose outlet new york city truly have him. Roman didn look at you like that yet, although you hoped he would. me help you.For a moment you wanted to say okay, canada goose outlet england let him take you ver he wanted, but suddenly you felt Roman hand on your shoulder, and you turned to see him. He smiled lightly at you and paid no mind to Klaus, who must have just been background noise for him.Klaus never took his eyes off of you. number is the same, we should get together before you leave canada goose outlet niagara falls town. You gave him a weak grin and turned back to Roman. leave. had called you and here you were, sitting in a diner a block away from his hotel, sipping on coffee and laughing with him. The canada goose outlet uk sale last time you were in this situation you were in New Orleans, before Roman, before Olivia, before you even knew you would be leaving canada goose outlet miami Klaus. He was the greatest love that you had ever known, greater than Roman was. You missed him, but you couldn be with him again, no matter how much you wanted him. tell me, how is Olivia a danger to me? canada goose outlet las vegas reached over the table and took your hands in his. sent a canada goose victoria parka outlet witch that works for me to find you and check on you. She canada goose outlet legit told me that there was danger every here, and she told me that the greatest danger lies very close to you. were you checking up on me? knew the answer canada goose outlet toronto address to your question already, but for some reason you wanted to hear it from him.Klaus watched you for a moment and then squeezed your hands. I in love with you. You left me, yet still I am in love with you. It made you freeze. Your hands were so sweaty you could feel them slide across Klaus hands, but you held him tighter. Now that he was here, you wished he would never leave. Suddenly, you pulled your hand back and stood. He stood with you.should go. you don want to. He put his hands on your shoulders, his eyes staring you down, buy canada goose uk and then one hand left your shoulder and took your chin in between his thumb and index finger. still want me. He leaned down and kissed the corner of your mouth, then put his lips to your ears. can feel it. This time you moved your hands, both going to the back of his neck to pull him to your canada goose outlet store quebec lips. Just one kiss. You canada goose outlet trillium parka black knew it was wrong, but you wanted to feel him one more time before you said goodbye. Klaus arms wound around your waist and pulled you canada goose outlet boston as close as he could get you. You didn realize how much you missed him until he was here.When you felt him again, you forgot why you left him in the first place. He made you question everything, question why you were with Roman even. Klaus broke away from you only to turn his head and capture you in another passionate kiss, one that was somehow even more thrilling than the first. When you two pulled back, you rested your forehead against his. He was the first to speak. me you love me. love you. He pecked your lips once more and smiled down at you.back with me. You bit your lip. wish I could. held you at shoulder length now, his eyes full of wonderment. is keeping you here. Nothing that I couldn provide you with. Please, I just want to keep you safe. love you, Klaus, you the best I ever had. I don deserve you, and I don deserve how much you love me, but I appreciate it and I appreciate you. I love you so much, Klaus, more than you ever know, but I can go with you. I sorry.

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