Regarding Carrie Prejean, Bill O’Reilly said, on last night’s

hermes replica bags Major projects of this over all _program are as follows. E. J. Regarding Carrie Prejean, Bill O’Reilly said, on last night’s “Factor,” that “I haven’t seen one op ed piece, I haven’t seen anybody on television from the gay community or on the radio say, ‘You know, we don’t agree but the woman is entitled to her opinion and shouldn’t be villified.’” Really, Bill? Perhaps if you had checked more thoroughly you might have found this opinion replica hermes piece on CNN, by Roland Martin: “Commentary: Miss California, thanks for being honest.” The article ends with this: “At the end of the day, we all have to be true to ourselves. The day we condemn folks for speaking honestly is the day we become a bland society.” And here’s an opionion piece from the a gay publication: “But even if it were homophobic, Hilton’s response was inappropriate because by calling Prejean a “dumb bitch,” he expressed general disdain for women. He didn’t address her opinion or correct her argument, such as it was he reduced her to a non entity, to someone not even worth taking seriously. hermes replica bags

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