Even commuters have become lackadaisical in informing the

Need stringent rules

canada goose clearance Considering the fact that at least one accident happens on the Pune Mumbai expressway every day, it is quite clear that rules are not being followed. A stricter fine should be canada goose womens outlet collected from those canada goose jacket outlet sale who are not following traffic rules. Technically, the speed limit is supposed to be 80km per hour, but people drive on the stretch at over 160km per hour; double of what is allowed. There is no lane discipline either. People who don follow the set measures must be fined. Having said this, as citizens, it is our duty to act responsible as well. We need to abide by rules and regulations, which in turn will make things easier for them. They even answer their canada goose outlet mall cellphones while speeding. These are the major canada goose outlet reasons for accidents involving stationery vehicles. In the past few years, the increased frequency of serious accidents has become alarming. In 2017, between January and August, there were approximately 20 serious accidents on the expressway stretch between Pune and Khandala. It now seems like there is at least one serious accident every week. In many cases, the accidents involve heavy trucks and speeding cars and frequently result in fatalities. I think the government should be provide incentives to the trucking industry to get some https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com of the big rigs transferred to rail transport. The government should also canada goose outlet nyc enhance regulations for road transport of dangerous commodities on highway and should ban the canada goose outlet toronto address transport of explosive or heavy commodities by road. I surprised the issue of safety hazards on highway did not become an election issue. canada goose kensington parka uk It does make one wonder how many deadly accidents must occur before it gets the attention of our political leaders. canada goose clearance

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canada goose deals There is complete negligence on the part of drivers after their vehicle breaks canada goose victoria parka outlet down on the expressway, which results in the maximum canada goose uk site number of mishaps on the Pune Mumbai expressway. But at the same time, the rule enforcement expected from police is canada goose outlet toronto also missing. The canada goose parka uk police have become canada goose factory outlet vancouver quite casual in their approach in dealing with stationary vehicles. Now a days, it is seen that the police is not taking canada goose outlet store new york any action against stationary vehicles parked indiscriminately on the expressway, which means that breaking the law is quite comfortable and there seems to be nothing wrong with what is happening. Even commuters have become lackadaisical in informing the policemen about canada goose outlet london uk violations on the highway. As a society, we have become careless and canada goose parka outlet are not taking an initiative to ensure our safety on the canada goose outlet new york city expressway. The elected representatives, both at canada goose outlet us the state and the national level, have failed in their national duty of raising the canada goose outlet houston issue in the state assembly. Rather than introducing such canada goose parka outlet uk new rules, they should focus on strictly implementing the existing rules. Motorists who drive at 120km per hour where the limit is 80 100km per hour, will now exceed the speed limit by a bigger margin. A small mistake at this speed can lead to a tragic accident. I do not see the point here in increasing the speed limit. Sometimes, out of exhaustion, I have also stopped ahead of canada goose outlet online uk the toll plaza, but there is always a patrolling car which comes checking on you and if the car has a breakdown, they also call for help. But sometimes, I have noticed that a lot of trucks stop on the side of canada goose outlet official the expressway, where there is a sign which clearly says that halting on the expressway is illegal. They should first follow all the rules and be perfectly canada goose outlet orlando alert. They should drive under the mentioned speed limit, which will help him or her control the car incase there are any distractions on the expressway. Most of the time, there are stationary vehicles that can be a cause for concern for any driver, but any kind of accident can be avoided if the driver is driving perfect and is confident in his/her driving skills canada goose deals.