While nowadays it remains extremely difficult to create

Honeycombs Other Three Dimensional Structures in Fashion

Remarkable structures found in nature such as honeycombs quite often inspired a variety of applications in the creative arts. Frank Stella irregularly shaped “Etymology canada goose outlet phone number (Q 10)” from the Moby Dick Series (1990) is characterised by disparate elements such as sinuous wave like forms fluently flowing from a nucleus and opening onto other elements like steel tubing that expand outward. The piece also includes a thick honeycombed metal structure that seems to be the focal point of the structure.Watanabe is also not new to these structures and complex pleating systems emerged in many of his designs: in his A/W 2000 01 “Techno Couture” collection there were for example plenty of honeycomb or bell shaped structures and canada goose uk exaggerated yet ethereal ruffs in blue, yellow and red polyester organdie, but in this collection he focused more on combining wearable and tailored pieces with these striking structures.The designer played a lot with dichotomies, mixing in a visually striking way in his jackets and coats classic tailoring with expandable structures, and juxtaposing in his canada goose outlet toronto address crisp white shirts with spiky fabric elements spiralling around canada goose outlet in vancouver the collar area, the elegantly formal and the extravagantly transgressive in a very desirable way.While nowadays it remains extremely difficult to create something genuinely canada goose outlet online innovative, uniquely outstanding and cleverly playful at canada goose outlet store new york the same time, Watanabe seems to manage to do so almost effortlessly, even though his process of creation can only derive from long researches into multiple sources and disciplines.It is possible to detect in this collection a series canada goose outlet online reviews of inspirations including tailoring and sculpting, but also history (some of the honeycombed necklines looked like modern versions of Elizabethan ruffs recreated in bright shades of red, purple or pink), nature, interior design and architecture.The latter was also mixed with mathematics, algorithms (during the show, the models seemed to have mathematical equations scribbled on their skin.) and fractals.Looking at Watanabe designs it is almost impossible not to make comparisons and links with convincing expandable architectural structures such as Wing Yi Hui and Lap Ming Wong experimental “Wood Morphogenesis” project (2010) that balanced control with the natural response of wood capacities.At the same time it is also quite easy to think about these designs canada goose outlet london in connection with the researches on fractals and on explosive multiplication of fractal constructions and dimensions by Polish born French mathematician Benoit B. Mandelbrot, or with principles such as multiplicity of alternative definitions of dimension, and negative dimensions conceived as measures of the notion of quantitative measure of emptiness.As they force the wearer to establish a new Canada Goose Outlet relationship with the space surrounding her, expandable designs can be filed under the “conceptual” category, but they remain at the same time wearable.The designs are also the canada goose vest outlet tangible proof that there are very few innovations in contemporary fashion and those designers introducing them are mainly working on the technical aspects of a garment and, more specifically, on the pattern making, while carrying out also a few experiments with fabrics and textiles.Entitled “Colorscope”, this collection by canada goose outlet washington dc Creative Director Yoshiyuki Miyamae features many garments made with experimental fabrics and characterised https://www.clevelandregionalmedicalcenter.com by geometrical motifs (geometry was also employed as the main inspiration for the show invitation a circle that folded into a rectangle).In some of the canada goose outlet new york separates included in the collection yellow, red, purple, aquamarine and blue shades seemed to be trapped in a black honeycomb structure. The solution behind this mysterious effect is once again based on mathematical equations and on the 3 D Steam Stretch technology.Unveiled in the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, canada goose jacket outlet store this innovative technique allows to incorporate in advance creases into a design.Applying steam to the cloth, canada goose outlet new york city the fabric is given more volume and in this way it becomes easier to create expansive cloud like pieces (see this video to discover more about this technique).The collection also features designs in a textile a 3 D star pattern inspired canada goose premium outlet by snow crystals that canada goose parka outlet produce an abstract quality when applied to different shades of dark tones such as grey, or call to canada goose outlet authentic mind Dutch canada goose outlet in canada wax fabrics in their canada goose outlet paypal yellow, blue, canada goose factory outlet vancouver pink, red and purple versions.One very last touch in this geometrical collection was added at the very end of the catwalk show with several models wearing mesh body stockings and what looked like mini skirts or large fabric belts that unfurled into ample canada goose outlet store uk skirts covered in multi coloured geometrical patterns and multiplicative fractals.

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