We just made a muslin for the bodice

la manche

The nearest thing to it I have found on the internet is a press for playing cards. Apparently, it was used by dealers in casinos when the decks of cards got a bit scrunched and the press would be used to straighten them out. However, it was much smaller than this one and there were dividers in between the bar and the end so each card could slot in individually.This one measures 56cm or 21.5 inches in length and 18cm or canada goose outlet store uk 7 inches wide. It is 5cm or 2 inches deep. The interior width, inside the grooves where the object(s) would need to sit, www.canadagooseonline.info is 12.6cm or 5 inches.It is very well made and was obviously well used. Somebody has seen fit to repair or reinforce the top corners at one time with metal but this has also been done well.Any comments, ideas, suggestions or, even better, answers would be greatly appreciated.Today it is (yet another) public holiday here in France. We got up early because, we both need to drive to the airport this afternoon, one of us to leave for a few days and the other to pick up Mlle Tialys the elder who is visiting home for the rest of the month to get her breath back after the endless parties and general student goings onstudying of the past university year. But first we wanted to go to canada goose outlet new york city a plant and brocante market and the village which holds this annual event also has its usual market day canada goose outlet online reviews on Monday mornings so it gets absolutely packed and it is difficult to park, walk or breathe if you leave it too late. Ask me how I know. Also it is really hot at the moment and it is better to get these things done in the relative cool of the morning.Not a photo of me this morning though quite close. Do you think he looks prettier for having a rose growing behind his ear? This had happened by accident, not design, which is why I took the photo.We went to the market with the intention of buying a plant or tree to go over the final resting place of our old German Shepherd, Phoebe, who died last year and was buried (with much exertion and dedication she weighed 45kg) on one of the higher terraces in our garden. At the moment she is covered in Iris flowers but we wanted something more permanent. However, it was mostly herbaceous plants for sale so we ended up with a plumbago for the terraceand a bignone for somewhere else in the garden but we don know where yet.Of course the brocante part was not neglected and I found this lovely brass cherub holding aloft a diamond cut glass coupe surrounded by flying birds. Over the top? Mais, non! Well, a bit I suppose but it canada goose outlet winnipeg is very Paris Appartment as I canada goose outlet buffalo like to call this style (or Hollywood Glamour if you prefer)I have an obsession with old French cutting boards at the moment. I love that they were probably made by the man of the house and used to death for years and years. I love the primitive way they have been fashioned, the visible marks of years of use and the grain and texture of the wood. Most of them I find are in an unloved state but I give them a light sanding and a coat or two of food safe oil and this usually brings the grain up to its former glory. These old cutting boards are made in very primitive fashion, practically hewn out of the trunk I had some still with the bark on before. They canada goose victoria parka outlet are generally really thick and chunky and lopsided, covered in knife cuts and with canada goose jacket outlet store deep depressions where food has been chopped or bread sliced for many years. They are gorgeous.Here are some I had in the past all with their own characters and now in new homes for an even canada goose outlet toronto location more extended useful (or decorative) life.It doesn matter if they are split, scratched and holey.This handle has worn smooth with use and has a deep depression in the centre where most of the chopping and cutting went on.I not sure how much wine had been consumed when this one was made canada goose outlet michigan look at the handle and the remains of bark.A lovely big knot in this one.Usually, I am persuaded(!) that we cannot keep more than one cutting board although I have kept a gorgeous small version which is easily concealed but today I found one that I won be parting with.It weighs nearly 3kg (around 6.6lbs)it is 46cm (18 inches) long and 8cm (3 inches) thick in placesand whoever made it canada goose sale uk carved his initials into the handleYou will be pleased to know I have not found any stray dogs in the last couple of weeks although my neighbour found a lost (and very thin!) hunting dog this morning which, of course, everybody denies all knowledge of. I hate the hunting season and yes, it has already started Canada Goose Outlet again because, as well as not being particularly enamoured of hunting with dogs for sport, I can bear to see the dogs who are often treated abysmally and sometimes get left roaming about for days in danger of being in an accident (or causing one) or loitering around with the bell round their collars ringing through the night and keeping us all awake whilst canada goose outlet germany driving our own dogs mad. Rant over no more shaggy dog stories this was supposed to be a post.My latest vintage passion is these gorgeous old French fashion magazines, Le Petit Echo de la Mode, which were produced from 1879 until 1983. I have started amassing some as and when I come across them but my favourites are the ones from the 1920s and 30s. Having said that, I love the 1940s ones too which came in a smaller format because of the paper shortage during the war years.Look at those gorgeous coats and those waists! and I love the Eiffel Tower in the background. I do put these in my shop from time to time but I am going to frame up a couple of the smaller ones and some of the Art Deco period canada goose jacket outlet uk ones for my own home. They fit so conveniently into the Ikea Ribba frames and the black version complements the header really well. I might go with some sort of theme when choosing which issues to frame such as those featuring dogs why aren you surprised?I have now finished the little fabric tote bag from the French craft magazine I showed you a few weeks ago and I am quite pleased with it. I made the matching coin purse too canada goose outlet authentic which is a fat and squidgy shape and looks as if it is full of money but isn unfortunately. I love all those cottage chic florals and muted colours and I have put it in my shop. I am still quilting mine, which has a completely different feel as it is mostly in black, grey and cream, and will hopefully get it finished once Mlle T. the elder has gone back to Uni and stopped hogging my workroom and no longer needs my (surreptitious) overseeing on her sewing projects.Speaking of which how proud am I that, as only her 3rd ever project, she made this lovely dress from canada goose outlet toronto the Simplicity 1803 pattern. I even forgive her for the fact that I bought the pattern for myself (although was going to do View C with short sleeves and this is View B) and had even bought this same fabric. I will still make it but I have some dusty pink linen mix fabric with cream canada goose outlet winnipeg address polka dots and will use the white patterned fabric for something else. as soon as she goes back as her belated birthday present because I really think she will continue sewing now she has a few successful projects under her belt. This is a lovely pattern it has a beautiful scooped back but I do recommend you make a muslin first as the bodice is very fitted and, to be honest, the sizes on the pattern envelope don make too much sense. We just made a muslin for the bodice, without facings or anything and it was time well spent as it came up much smaller than we wanted it. I have seen versions where other people have pleated the skirt a canada goose outlet usa little rather than gathering it, especially if the fabric is a little thick but this one was gathered, as canada goose jacket outlet per the pattern, and I think it works well even with this slightly heavy cotton.Stan canada goose outlet uk looks on admiringly and shows off his film star smile.Another two weeks of the summer holidays left so I am making the most of her being here and not moaning about my projects canada goose outlet hong kong going very slowly or my vintage shop being neglected because, once she returns to Uni, I probably have my workroom to myself until December and I be able to do what I want but it won be as much fun!art deco fashion, cottage chic, hunting dogs,, le petit echo de la mode, project runway, Simplicity 1803, stray dogs, tilda fabric.

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