There do appear to be disproportionately more Confederate

Damn Yankees and Civil War Art

“Is there any art focused on Union military leaders and their softer side? If so, what? If not, why? Is there anything really wrong with creating military art that shows scenes that feature things other than combat? Would art showing Union leaders in similar situations actually sell?”Well that is interesting. There do appear to be disproportionately more Confederate reenactors taking part in living history than those depicting Union soldiers. The sight of the US flag of 1861 leaves no impression on a modern canada goose outlet england viewer whatsoever, but the Confederate battle flag is canada goose outlet vip the most recognized, controversial, and marketable symbols of that, or indeed any era in American history.But during the war itself, and for a number of decades afterward, there was quite an appetite canada goose outlet montreal (in the North, at any rate) for patriotic art steeped in Victorian sentimentality and featuring the northern soldier. Consider this Kurz and Alison lithograph of a very stylized battle of Antietam, published in Chicago in 1888. Kurz and Allison churned out canada goose outlet uk fake reams of this stuff, covering a wide range canada goose victoria parka outlet of events and including those that were fought by colored troops (with their gallant white officers) or were notable Union losses (though depicting the action the boys in blue had broken). Little attempt was made at realism after all, no one wanted to hang one of Alexander Gardner photographs of battlefield corpses the front parlour.In the early 20th century, the School American illustrators Civil War subjects from time to time. Howard Pyle artwork for many stories in Harper Weekly set the Civil War. They featured dramatic clashes of arms of the “brother against brother” variety, as well as some iconic Lost Cause portraits that would be very recognizable in today Civil War art market. Wyeth created illustrations with signature, dreamlike quality, though image of Billy Sherman, at right, is more the stuff of nighmare. Stuart Cavaliers. They are the descendants of the Federalists bringing the fractious parts of the country into line. It is a decidedly unromantic view of government and unity, canada goose outlet store uk and one that is clearly of synch with the independant streak in the American character. Unless you like Yankee pinstripes, most of us root for the underdog over the over powerful juggernaut (though as a Red Sox fan in these heady times of successful championships, I may no longer be in that category).You see the same thing, incidently, in French and Indian war reenactments, with every 2nd unit, it seems, depicting independant companies of rangers rather than the powdered regulars of the Crown. We like to think of ourselves as rebels, rather than just working for the Man. Even, I daresay, when the idols of our affection slave holding aristocrats. A classic image that juxtoposes lost cause gentility with something that looks very much like northern deference is the 1920 painting “Let Us Have Peace” by. The image of Washington on the wall is particularly striking, bookending the shabby Grant with the two most famous Virginians.We do not venerate Northern leaders, aside from Lincoln, as canada goose outlet store montreal so many do the vanguished Sons of the South. Lincoln canada goose outlet us stands alone, and for all. Wyeth manages to capture both extremes of the northern character in popular imagination in his portrait of Lincoln the with the storm clouds roiling above him, and the three carpetbackers at right.Among the military artists working today, there is a cadre that prizes historical accuracy in minute detail. Formost of these are Don Troiani and Keith Rocco, who go to great lengths canada goose jacket outlet to place their subjects in scrupulously researched and rendered settings, with kepis creased just so and every uniform button and acoutrement true to the unit in question. Both artists also have a flair for the dramatic, and at their best manage to capture some of the swirling chaos of 19th century combat. They do not steep their battlefields in gore, which would not serve artisitic purposes. Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory taken up this subject a number of occassions, and notes:”In the end I think these prints are more about us than they are about the subjects they depict. The art minimizes the horror of war, including the battlefield scenes painted by Troiani which hang on my office walls. We don’t really want to be reminded of the extent of the suffering that took place on and off the battlefield or the carnage that was left in its wake.”The idea that southern soldiers were somehow more pious and christian than their northern counterparts is a another popular misconception reenforced some Confederate themed military art. canada goose outlet uk sale The 1860s were a time of fervent religious revival, and the North because of its diversity of national origins represented many faiths and denominations. National days of prayer and Thanksgiving reflected a religious tradition with origins in the fast canada goose outlet real days of Puritan New England, but this theme of Yankee godliness is seldom expressed in today Civil War art, with canada goose outlet vancouver the notable exception of Don Troiani painting of Irish Brigade chaplain blessing the advancing of Erin the Sunken Road at Antietam. The “Wild Geese”, though, are themselves archetypical underdogs and rebels, and Irish nationalism, as Hollywood knows full well, is popular with American audiences.There are many reasons why someone might wish to purchase and display modern renditions of Civil War subjects. I collect toy soldiers from this period, for goodness Canada Goose Outlet sake, and am in no position to tell collectors canada goose jacket outlet uk what canada goose outlet store new york to like. I do find it interesting, canada goose outlet houston however, that “Confederate stuff sells”, and am in agreement with Kevin here that such artwork, produced for modern consumers, has more to say about us and what shapes our memories of the past than about the subjects they depict.Superb post! I think the Confederates seem more interesting ( other than for political, underdog, or racial agendas), because they seem more unsophisticated, rustic/pioneer and non industrial age. The south being primarily unindustrialized canada goose outlet in toronto seems older, more akin to the original thirteen colonies canada goose outlet eu and the romanticized past. This is of course not entirely true but it is more or less accepted. Thus homespun becomes more attractive than mass produced. Federals seem one mass of two tone blue; Confederates all seem individual. Stuart was criticized for his uniform slendor by many fellow Confederates yet Custer equals or exceeds him in this.”a blogologist who is constantly raising the bar for interest and variety” Terry Thornton of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi”a day without Walking the Berkshires is no day at all.” Geneablogie”a veritable cabinet of curiosities the last couple of weeks. L. Bell of Boston 1775″Only Tim at Walking the Berkshires can follow up a post about one of the worst atrocities in history with a picture of a half naked mermaid. You never know what he will have on his mind but it is always interesting.” ‘Apple’”Truly unique and ridiculously readable” Amy of They That Go Down to the Sea”Walking the Berkshires (a must read for me every day)” Randy Seaver of Genea Musings”Walking The canada goose outlet 80 off Berkshires has a great canada goose premium outlet green man featured with the profile and prepares canada goose outlet online readers for exactly what they get interesting, alternative thought and observations.” The Pen and the Spindle.

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