The judge, the court, the statutes, etc

Many of you may already know how vocal I have been in the past year regarding Wikipedia bias covering such topic matters as mind body studies, new science, and of course my friend Rupert Sheldrake biography canada goose factory outlet page. Since Rupert and I began canada goose jacket outlet to speak out about the level of abuse and outright canada goose outlet shop vitriol occurring on canada goose outlet uk these articles, many more individuals and organizations have also stepped forward, highlighting a similar problem, including Nobel prize winning laureateBrian Josephson. Key facts or canada goose outlet nyc relevant events in our lives or research are being omitted, efforts canada goose outlet store to include them in the articles by neutral editors are being met with harassment, defamation and personal attacks.

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canadian goose jacket I was thinking similar. That intellectual tradition that destroyed or suppressed work of the Ancients because it didn comport with the Church own ideas? That one? The one that suppressed the medical knowledge of Galen so we in the west had to get it through the Muslim world? The one that concentrated on the canada goose outlet uk sale discredited works of Aristotle and used them to suppress scientific progress? The one that plunged humanity into an unnecessarily long dark age because of all goose outlet canada of the above. Yeah, no thanks I will stick with the works of the Ancients, the Enlightenment and modern science.. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose Jackets But all too often, the atmosphere wasn’t true. Sebastian Koch, the leading actor, clearly had not lived for a second in a totalitarian state, and clearly had no clue. People didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t keep mum like that. Saunders, Mr. Kachikian, in his own geeky way, has managed to point out to the jury that Mr. Saunders is cherry picking paragraphs from his canada goose outlet grand jury testimony in an attempt to make his testimony here in court look inconsistent with his prior statements. Canada Goose Jackets

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canada goose uk shop We have deeply ingrained in us a sense of the limitedness of this world that there is something more. canada goose outlet in usa In fact, our very wiring for God proves the existence of God. We desire something which transcends the limitations of this world means that we have within us a sort of participation in the eternal. canada goose uk shop

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canada goose clearance sale Further NO statutes could be introduced and NO attorney would be allowed to “represent” another individual each individual would be required to “present” himself to the court and testify under oath (a contract) in his “private capacity” as a living man (NOT as as FICTION such as a government employee) and assume total and unlimited commercial liability for anything he did or said.Of note, a private living man is REAL. And you yourself to the court as such, thus maintaining your Common Law jurisdiction. The judge, the court, the statutes, etc. canada goose clearance sale

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