Bond houses mostly are holding La Salle issues and will have

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high replica bags Laredo Times, Laredo, Texas, Sunday, March 29 1931 6 t News of Growing Southwest Texas Communities. C. Duke, superintendent of ^ the Fowlcrton school, presided. Judges were Robert A. Tamphey. Dr. C. S. Smith. Mis;; Alma Leuders from San Marcus. The following contestants were awarded places: sub junior grammar school girls: First. Mar jo Davis. Cotulla, Amanda Burks School; second, Consuelo Garcia. Welhauscn School. Cotulla; third, Evelyn Strickland, Fowlerton: sub junior grammar school boys; first, Franklin Wehr heim, Cotulla. Amanda Burks School; second, Bob Sutton, Cotulla. Amanda Burks School: third, Felipe Gonzalez, Cotulla, Welhauscn School. Junior grammar school girls: first. Snookie Ballard. Cotulla. Amanda Burks School; second, Polly Poole. Cotulla, Amanda Burks School; third, Maxinc Kuykendall, Fowlcrton: junior grammar school boys: first, Roy Martin. Cotulla. Amanda Burks School; second. Sic Crutrhfield. Cotulla, Amanda Burks School; third. James Went, Fowlerton. Senior girls: first, Dorris Daniel. Cotulla High School; second, Evelyn Little, Fowlcrton; Hermes Replica Handbags senior boys: first. Daniel Spencer, Fowlerton: second. Jeffries Apperson, Cotulla High School. Rural sub junior girls: first, Kathleen Kelly, Gardendale; second, Clara Burks, Millett; third, Maxene Stowe. Artesia: rural sub junior boys: first. Calvin Guiley, Millet second. Buck Ramsey. Gardendale; third, high quality hermes replica William Botto, Arteshi Opening, this month, of nnothor active tick eradication season uml extension of the campaign to new areas in the South is announce! by veterinary officials of the U. S. ” During winter months active preparations have been in progress in many sections of the South. Advance of the eradication campaign has been heralded anC explained by motion pictures, publications, and instructive talks. Hundreds of dipping vats have been constructed and thousands of gallons of arsenical dip are on hand for preparing the tick destroying bath. Forces of trained inspectors have been assembled to direct the hermes birkin bag replica cheap systematic cattle dipping campaign. This year Texas plans to extend the campaign to nine new counties high quality hermes replica uk and part:; of one or two Hermes Replica Bags other counties, with the object of adding this territory to the area already released from tick quarantine. New counties arranging for active work are Milam, Lee, Burleson, Leon, Robertson, Shelby, Nacogdoches, LaSalle, and McMullen, and a part of Webb county. In Florida the new territory for tick eradication has been announced. Arkansas, notwithstanding the strain of last year’s drought, has provided funds and plans to conduct a systematic eradication campaign in about one half of its remaining infested area best hermes replica this year, and his comment is here confidently looks forward to completing the job in 1932. In addition these states will continue their active campaign to wipe out the remaining infestation in areas where work has previously been in progress. Louisiana continues to mark time in this project. No new work has been arranged for this season and the only tick eradication activities will be to protect, as far as possible, parishes that have been freed from the tick so that they will not be rcinfested. Replica Hermes Birkin Renewal of an active tick eradication program was widely advocated in Louisiana last Fake Hermes Bags year and this resulted in the enactment of a new State tick eradication law. However, effectiveness of this legislation has so far neen nuulified by the lack of state funds with which to put it in operation. Texas, Florida. Arkansas and Rural junior girls: first. Marjoric j Louisiana, included the only areas Landrum.( Artesia; second. Alberta of the U. S. still under federal Fae Anderson. Woodward; third. Ruth j Quarantine because of the presence Williams. Millett. Rural junior boys: j of cattb ticks. Systematic and pcr first, C. L. Oakc; . Woodward; second. Berton Mathews. Millett; third, Douglas Hondrichson, Artesia. Rural senior girls: first, Julia Khit tenhoff. Lo:; Angoles; second. Iris istent efforts have successfully eradicated this pest from 11 other States, in whole or part, formerly infested: Alabama. California. Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ramsey. Artesia Wells: rural senior North Carolina, Oklahoma, South boys: Mclvin Ramsey, first. Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Broccoli is Like a Hardy Green Cauliflower About three cr four years ago. when It alum or sprouting broccoli was announced as a new vegetable in this country, it made little difference to us that ‘his newcomer had beci. grown and ired in Italy for perhaps hundreds or even thousands of years. The plant has been welcomed as a valuable addition to our list of garden vegetables. Sprouting broccoli is a form of loose heading, green cauliflower that is much hardier and easier to grow than regular cauliflower. Two crops. spring ciop and a fall crop, can be grown in this section, the time of planting It ng abou! the t same as early and late cabbage. It is a cool weather crop and requires IT/: to 150 day from the ime of sowing die seed until the srfil of the hc:;ds are ready to use. When ta Plant For the early spring crop the seeds should be sown indoors or in the hotbeed and the plants ft in the garden just a little later than early cabbage. For a late crop sow the seeds about the time you plant the seeds of late cabbage and plant in the garden as the same time as late cabbage or perhaps a week later. Good, tender sprouting broccoli can not be grown un poor soil and, like its close relative ‘he cauliflower, it must have plenty of fertility and considerable moisture in the soil. If the half acre home garden has had about 10 gcods loads of manure plows ed under and a topdressmg of fertilizer, the soil should be about right for growing good broccoli. If the season ir, dry it will be desirable to give the plants a good watering about once a week. In the irrigated sections the sprouting broccoli should be irrigated the same as cabbage or cauliflower. broccoli grows rather large, so the rows should he about three feet apart and ;hc plants two or two and one half feet apart in the rows. LiKc other new vegetables most folks have to learn how to use sprouting broccoli. First the plant forms a central head and after tins is Give the plants a good watering. removed several smaller or side heads form. The heads should be cut when in bud and before any of the buds open or show blossom color. Cut off about three or four inches of the tender stems with the head, wash, peel the lower part of the stems, cut into slices lengthwise and cook for 12 to 20 minutes in just enough water to caver, adding a little salt for flavoring. Serve sprouting broccoli with a little Hollandaise sauce or drawn butter poured over it, or just a little melted butter will do. It is also good with a little mayonnaise or with lemon juice or a touch of vinegar. The main point is to use it while l it is very tender and not allow it to I become too old. PASSION WEEK SERVICES Passion week re enacted in Sermon each night this week at the Methodist Church Everybody Invited. Monday evening, Preaching by Rev. Chas W. Cook, Episcopal. Tuesday evening, Preaching by Rev. Lewis Kopp, Christian. Wednesday evening, Preaching by Rev. J. 0. Whitaker, Methodist Thursday evening, Twilight Communion Service. Friday evening, Preaching by Rev. Bruce Brannon, Presbyterian. Saturday evening, Preaching by Rev. W. S. Highsmith, Hebbronvilie. (This announcement courtesy I LAREDO STEAM LAUNDRY) F Wool for a Banker By MRS. STEENA McCULLOUPH Laredo Times Staff BRUNI, March 28 (Spl.) Bruni was named for Anton Mateo Bruni who came to the United States in 1872 from his native Italy and first settled in San Antonio, leaving there in 1877 for Laredo in which city he has since lived. He established a hide and wool business with store house on the corner of Hidalgo and San Bernardo Street in Laredo which, due to his interprise and ability, prospered to such an extend that he was enabled to invest in ranch land, which today comprise about 400,000 acres, making A. M. Bruni one of the largest individual land own erst in the southwest. From the large oil fields on his land thousands of dollars flow into the coffers of the man who was foresighted enough to invest in south Texas land. The town of Bruni, until 11 years ago, was but a part of the Bruni ranch land today it is a thriving place. In 1920 Bruni was founded by C. R. Cole, of Cole Petroleum company of Laredo and the late Dudley A. Tyng. Activity Going On Steady activity is going on in Bruni. It is one of the few oil towns in which there is development at this time. New buildings are constantly going up and high quality Replica Hermes new people coming in. Because of the oil development and splendid opportunities for farming thee rich, fertile land around Bruni. The soil near Bruni will grow anything that can be raised in a tropical country, and equals the Magic Valley for citrus farming. Because of perfect hermes replica Bruni’s refreshing. Invigorating breezes and healthful cli mate it is one of the best locations in the state for health seekers. j Within three miles an oil well Is ‘ being drilled by the South Texas Production company on the Servando i Benavidcs grant. Service casing has been set and drilling is below 500 feet. In the O. W. Killam 4, being drilled two miles northwest of Bruni, a small amount of gas and oil has been reached at 600 feet. This j well will be drilled deeper. Good School System Bruni has a splendid school system and efficient, consciencious teachers. One of the oldest business in Bruni and one which has had a steady growth for five years or more is the Frank fake hermes belt vs real Hux Machine company, of which Mr. Frank Hux is owner and manager. Mr. Hux was the first businew man to come to Bruni and is optimistic about the future of his town. Bruni Hotel and Cafe is managed Hermes Belt Replica by J. M. Brice, who is also postmaster. M. Mayo, trucking contractor, is enthusiastic obout the future of his town. For years he has done contracting for Replica Hermes Bags the major oil companies. A splendid place to eat, where one may find a wide variety and where short orders are specialized in is the Hi Way Cafe. The Texaco Station, owned and managed by F. L. Thurman, is doing a splendid business. Valdez Market and Grocery is one of the oldest in the town and is enjoying a splendid business. Tickle Grocery company would do credit to any of the larger cities. Mr. Tickle is progressive and a believer in his town. His stock is cheap hermes belt extensive. Bruni is served by the Del Rio and Winter Garden Telephone company. This company Rives 24 hour service, locally and in the oil fields for a 17 mile radius. Good Water It is said that the best water in the entire district can be found in Bruni and that the town will soon be equipped with water plant and electric light service. Mirando Society MONDAY MR. and Mrs. R. R. Henry and Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Cummings will entertain with a bridge party at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry at 8 p. m. naming as honorees Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Givens who expect to move to East Texas soon to make their home. TUESDAY MEETING of the Mirando school trustees Hermes Handbags at the school building at 8 p. m. Besides bulis and bears, J. P. Morgan famous banker and financier, knows something about lambs other than the Wall Street variety. On his extensive estate at Hertfordshire, England, he raices English lambs, said to be among the finest in the world. Hhere you see a caretaker on. his estate posing three little lambs for a photograph while the proud mother ewe looks on. Mirando Scouts Meet MIRANDO CITY, March 28 (Spl> Mirando Boy Scouts met at the Oil Well Supply company at 7:30 p. m. Thursday. Boy scout cards were handed out and plans made for outings were discussed. Many boys were unable to attend. The next meeting will be held Thursday night. My Pontlac Coupe for sale at a bargain, on attractive terms. Good condition throughout G. L. Dickinson. Phone 1232. Important Notice! TO OUR CU8TOMER8: This advises a change in our present billing system effective this month. Daily billings will be made under this plan, which eliminates congestion in billing at the end of the month. You will note, in tome instances, that the invoices do not cover an entire month’s consumption. We beg that you particularly note the discount date, which expires ten days after date of invoice instead of tenth of month as heretofore. Respectfully Yours. Texas Border Gas Co. 1208 BARREL OIL WELL MADE IN Duval County Gets Another Big Well By JIM FALVELLA. Laredo Times Staff Duval County oil fields loomed in the limelight with the second flowing largo oil well of the month, being made when the S. R. (“/. Vacuum Oil company 4 Duval County Ranch company, survey 293, S. R. C. field came in from 1,739 feet flowing 500 barrels of oil a day. Production of the well was good pipe line oil without any trace of. water, according to Harry L. Fans ler, oil statistician. The well is 300 feet west of the discovery well of the S. R. C. Field and gives indication that it will encourage extensive development in that area. S. R. C. 5 “D” Montemayor, Muck clroy pool, block 8, survey 64, Zapata county made a test from 1,337 to 1,492 feet that showed considerable oil. One of the deepest tests In this section, already over a mile deep, is that of the Humble Oil and Refining company in the Kohler Field of Duval county. At 5,595 feet at the beginning of the week drilling operations were temporarily’ suspended pending rig repairs. Work will be completed early this week and drilling resumed. Further development work will be watched with interest. Several sands have been tested, but none justified setting casing and bringing in the well. It is reliably reported that the Texas company has made locations for four test wells on the 7,000 acre Allen Land and Catfle company ranch in the San Antonita grant. Southwest Brooks county. Some wells, will be started soon. It has been some time since the Texas company has done any development work in Brooks county and tests to be drilled will be watched with interest by the oil fraternity generally. South Texas Production company 4 Benavidea, block 320. Myrtle E. Hale subdivision, Mariano Arispe grant, Duval county. Cole field, hit a sand at 1,705 feet that tested gas. Two new locations were made during the week. Southern Oil company 2 King Harper, was located on survey 323, Duval county, Cole Field W. R. Shankle made a location for his 3 Garza, block 10, subdivision of the Zorro ranch, Comi tas grant, Zapata county, Muckelroy pool. FRIO AND LASALLE LIGHTER MIRANDO CITY, March 28 (Spl> Magnolia brought a large gas well spraying oil when they bailed their Wilson 2 in Duval County today. The well was brought in through a 7 8 inch choke and on a two hour gauge was flowing 1200 barrels daily. This is the third well to hs brought in in the SchooUield Frasher pool and extends the pool practically a mile to the South. All three wells brought in in this pool have come in with an initial production of over 1000 barrels and the pool is looked to as one of the largest opened up in the Laredo district in some time. Plan Convention MARLIN, March 28 UP) Something new in conventions has been promised delegates to the annual meeting of the East Texas Chamber of Commerce at Marlin, April 19, 20 and 31. Business sessions will be separate from entertainment features. DILLEY, March 28 (Spl.) A total of 2,919 bales of cotton ginned or to be ginned in Frio county from the crop of 1930, as compared with 3,500 bales from the 1929 crop is shown by the report of the bureau of the census at Washington, D. C. The report for LaSalle county gives 3,226 bales for 1930, compared with 4,705 bales for 1929. Bruni BRUNI. March 28 Tripiets, one bny nn HEBBRONV1LLE: Mrs. Oscar Thompson, or Mike Falvclla. OILTON: Mrs. Sara More. CATARINA: Mrs. F. Trimm. PEARSALL: Miss Ella Martin. BRUNI: Mrs. Leo Nelson. Laredo Times would be pleased to have applications for placet as regional correspondents at Zapata, Roma, Encinal, Carrizo Springs, Crystal City, Eagle Pass, Fowlerton, DiUey, Artesia Vlris, Asherton, Big Wells, Aguilares and San Ignacio. A Pertinent Question What Hermes Birkin Replica makes a bank a safe depository for your funds? Answer: Its Reserves. Capital alone doei not give strength, it must be supported by a large surplus and undivided profit account. Our Capital of.. $300,000.00 is supported by a Surplus Fund Hermes Kelly Replica of.$200,000.00 and an Undivided Profit account of.$300,000.00 We have total Resources of over.$4,000,000.00 THE Laredo National Bank LAREDO. TEXAS STEALS DILLEY, March 28 (Sp1.) A man vimed Franklin, arrested by Deputy I Sheriffs L. C. Wright and Ed Adams Thursday morning following the burglarizing of the Miller Cafe here Thursday night, is being held for in vestigation. A burglar who visited the cafe ; went about his job leisurely, as he ate a meal ond smoked cigarettes, > leaving the empty plate and cigarette i stubs on the table. He then he j raided the cigarette and cigar case, i securing several boxes of cigars [ candy, chewing gum and other articles valued at about S60. After the arrest of Franklin the stolen articles were recovered, the man having left them in a pasture near the road when the officers approached. Give College Money BROWNWOOD, March 2 >) A sum of $1,000 of the?10,000 emergency fund for Howard Payne College, being raised over the state in order to maintain the school as a standard senior Baptist college, has been guaranteed and substantial part subscribed by Baptist pastors, alumni and cx students in Kan Antonio. Elect Trustees MIRANDO CITY, March 28 (Spl> A meeting of the trustees of Mirando school will be held Tuesday at the school at 8 p. m. An elec tin will be held Saturday in which the trustees will be elected. These running are Sam Evans, H. F. Dan mier, C. B. Dunn, J. high quality hermes birkin replica L. Gore and F. R. Corbell. J. B. Roark is expected home Tuesday from San Antonio where he has been on business. COTULLA. March 23 (SpU Suspension ni” rnn.^truelinn work on the L;>S;m1c county courthouse as a re Milt of ;m opinion of the U. S. Hmv Ions construction will be suspended is indefinite. Bond houses mostly are holding La Salle issues and will have to do most tho worrying to straighten the matter cut. County Attorney Tom Leach, who has a copy of the New Orleans circuit court decision, construes the case to be more serious than the Archer county bond o which a few years ago came lip and there was a subsequent validating net by the legislature. Bruce Tcagarden, San Antonio attorney in a letter 4o Judge Welhauscn holds that the New Orleans Court decision docs not affect OUT bonds in any way and that they should be approved by the bond attorneys. Hull, and Hall, representing Pruden Company, firm that contracted to purchase bonds in January, wrote the court judge that their firm la ready to take the bonds and pay far them as soon as Chapman and Cutler, bond attorneys of New York, give their approval to the issue, Chapman Sc Cutler, in a letter to Pruden ft Company, a copy of which was furnished Judge Welhausen, hold that the New Orleans Court decision affects this issue of bonds. Mr. Hall stated that Hermes Handbags Replica in confertnce with Senator Small of Collinsworth county, said that his county wag caught with an issue just about ia the shape as La Salle, and suggested that the two counties issue a writ of mandamus to the Supremo Court to get a prompt ruling. School Census of Mirando is 309 MIRANDO CITY, March 28 high replica bags.