And they have so much to offer, if only we’d listen

Chris Packham’s teenage torture and why kneejerk unkindness makes me really wild

Wildlife TV Presenter Chris Packham opens up about his struggles of living with Asperger’s Syndrome16:50, 28 APR 2018Updated16:54, 28 APR 2018Chris Packham spoke about his struggle with Asperger’s Because I meet a lot of people in my job, and I wasn’t aware of ever having canada goose outlet buffalo met any until wildlife presenter Chris Packham came into the Loose Women studio this week to talk about how he copes with the condition.And I Canada Goose Outlet discovered that canada goose jacket outlet one of the canada goose outlet mall reasons it’s such a canada goose outlet nyc closed book to the rest of us is that people like Chris, who have Asperger’s, often do all they can to canada goose outlet mississauga avoid canada goose outlet vancouver the rest of humanity because we canada goose outlet store new york make their lives a living hell.The Really Wild Show star, who wasn’t diagnosed until he was in his 40s, told us that his teenage years were torture and by the time he was 20 his “world was canada goose outlet uk black”.By the time he got to university he had buy canada goose uk decided that to canada goose outlet online uk protect himself from the trauma of dealing with other people he would lock himself in his canada goose outlet sale room and only leave to go to lectures.Common Asperger syndrome symptoms in kids the signs to look out from toddlers to older childrenChris admitted: “My teens were so bad that I canada goose kensington parka uk thought about killing myself. The level of depression and isolation I felt was unbearable.”For nearly a year, the only thing I said was ’20 pence please’ twice a day to the bus canada goose outlet new york conductor.”Even now, after a stellar TV career, Chris’s symptoms of are there to see, canada goose jacket outlet uk once you know canada goose outlet trillium parka black what they are.It’s defined by the National Autistic Society as a lifelong that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.And though he was baring his soul on telly, he struggled to make eye contact, and clung on to his beloved poodle Scratchy, who he brought canada goose outlet winnipeg address with him, as if he was a canine comfort blanket.But while it might be painful, Chris feels he can’t duck canada goose outlet store quebec the debate.”I have a small voice because of the work I’ve done on TV,” he told us, “so I have a duty to use that voice to make things better for other people.”Asperger’s is the saddest of conditions, because the people who have it are often desperately lonely, but when they reach out their lack of social skills can drive others away.And they have so much to offer, if only we’d listen.As Chris pointed canada goose outlet black friday sale out, there are many useful positives to having Asperger’s.Like him, people with canada goose outlet in montreal this condition often have astonishing memories. He still has total recall of facts he read when he was six years old.They also have an amazing ability to spot patterns and make connections a real boon in science, medicine and computing.”It shouldn’t be those with Asperger’s that need to change,” Chris pleads. “People just need to be more understanding.”And we can all make a difference, one by one. Because canada goose outlet toronto address you don’t need to read someone’s medical notes to realise they’re in trouble.If we think about it, we all know people who struggle to connect from that quiet kid in our child’s class who never gets a playdate to that awkward chap at work who can’t handle the banter.

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