When you screwed up or hurt someone

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JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE BLAMING THIS ON ME? sure, I let him fuck me, but I not the one who was using manipulative, coercive, ABUSIVE techniques here. I just wanted to sleep and he pulled this shit until I gave in. Sleep deprivation is literally considered torture and he did this shit until it broke me. Sorry I was so fucking weak after my first breakup that I gave in to an abusive man.

canada goose deals Don let anyone blame you. You painted a very graphic image of a shitty little man literally throwing a hissy fit when all you wanted to do was sleep. People love trying to tell us what we should have, could have, would have done if it was them in our shoes. But the difference is, they weren in our shoes, they aren us, canada goose outlet store montreal and they couldn possibly know what we were canada goose outlet us thinking, how we were feeling, and how our upbringing is heavily impactful on our reactions to moments like that. canada goose deals

I a strong and confident woman who often has my friends asking “how” I “managed to get [my]self” raped, as if confident women get a free pass from sexist bullshit. The only friends who seem to understand are the ones who been coerced or raped themselves.

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canada goose coats I had a friend that was too anxious to canada goose outlet mississauga sleep so I stayed up for TWO HOURS after I was canada goose outlet winnipeg address ready to pass out rubbing his back and stroking his hair to get him to sleep. canada goose coats

A few weeks later I was upset about something a friend told me. He brushed it off and was rather callous. I got upset, and he got upset at me getting upset and said shit like canada goose outlet washington dc “well what do you want me to say?!” I told him that I wanted him to say “that sucks, I sorry.” He went off about how that patronizing bullshit and that he doesn say shit like that. The guy who had me rub his back like an infant for two hours until he went to sleep wouldn say 4 words to me no matter how much I said they would mean to me. We stopped being friends that day.

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This whole thread is bragging about how frugal people https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com are, you just calling out the one guy who said they were rich, which isn even something they initially mentioned.

Canada Goose online Why waste money if you don have to? Why spend $4,000 on something you don care about, when you can spent that money on something you do care about? People who spend money just because they can are fools, but canada goose outlet you think people who don spend money just because they can have a “bullshit facade for their hustling lifestyle”? You just sound extremely hostile for no reason. Canada Goose online

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canada goose coats on sale I don understand why people have this fear of apologizing. It not a sign of weakness; it a sign of strength. It shows you willing to take responsibility for your actions. I never ask anyone to apologize more than once, or dredge up old resentments during arguments, but it seems like men assume that I will. So they don apologize at all out of fear that they giving up canada goose outlet reviews their power. It such a canada goose outlet factory load of poop. When you screwed up or hurt someone, you act like a grownup and apologize. canada goose canada goose outlet store toronto coats on sale

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buy canada canada goose outlet price goose jacket My dentist told me to buy a mouthguard online because canada goose outlet uk sale they just as effective as custom made ones. There are two types I have experience with, the and the. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale The melty kind you feel more but it formed to your body so it not that intrusive, the minimalist kind fits in your mouth better but doesn conform and I find myself chewing on them more, also some of the reviews say that they woke up to almost swallowing them (I never had this happen), so decide which one will be best for you. I prefer the minimal ones. canada goose clearance sale

Take hot baths and lay flat, I usually cross my legs canada goose outlet online or rest my feet on the end of the tub so that my back is flat on the bottom, the heat will help hour muscles relax. I also have a or (

Canada Goose Outlet ) which works especially well when it been warmed up, I have better luck using that for my facial/jaw massages than just my hands. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose I totally stuck in this kind of relationship/marriage. canada goose outlet los angeles My husband is an only child. In his early 20 his mother committed suicide. Her note was apparently very hurtful towards his father and him. Insurance money was somehow received, and my husband witnessed his father go cash crazy, buying all kinds of toys for them both. For my husband, after the loss of his mother, this was a “happy/bonding” time with his Dad. (Please note: apparently the mom had managed all of the finances so neither my husband or his Dad were prepared to do this for themselves) canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap FF about 5 years, and the Dad dies. Natural causes brought on by a lack of self care and not following Drs instructions. Now my husband is about 26ish, and essentially an orphan. He has no life skills, no money management skills, and oh yeah, no parents and a pretty significant payout from Dads life insurance. buy canada goose jacket cheap

I meet him about 6 months after the death of his Dad. His childhood home is in foreclosure because he didn make any payments once he was the only one left. He had already blown through the life insurance too. I received all of this information slowly and not all at once.

In the beginning he was just supposed to be a FWB. He would canada goose outlet orlando come over for the night, and I would get up and go to work and when I came home he would still be there. (Wtf??) Of course he didn have a job the reason being he and his Dad had a landscape company and he just closed the business and he was still trying to accept his “new reality”.

Having never lost anyone of significance myself, I canada goose womens outlet felt very sorry for him. He seemed so lost and out of sorts. He had been through a lot of trauma and sadness in a canada goose outlet 2015 short amount of time. And, oh boy am I attracted to the type that need “fixin”!!

canadian goose jacket Long story short, he moved in, got a job (after 8 months and I threatened to kick him out) and all seemed well. except he refused to “commit” or “admit” we canada goose outlet black friday were in a relationship. It took almost 2 years of living together and lo and behold another request for him to move out (with ample time for him to save up and do it easily). About canada goose outlet kokemuksia a month before his move out deadline he decided that he didn want to lose me and he realized how deeply he actually felt for me. yay, now we official! canadian goose jacket

Fast forward now 14 years (10 married) I want a divorce so bad I can taste the freedom, but I end up calling it off every time we close, because in the canada goose outlet authentic 11th hour, I begin to feel sorry for him, knowing he can make it on his own. He has no concept of money (huge prob for us), he doesn make enough to afford a decent apartment or pay anything after rent. and I excluding canada goose outlet uk a lot of details here, but suffice it to say, the logical side of me tells me to push him off the cliff. The compassionate side of me just can absolve myself from becoming another significant loss in his life.

Canada Goose Jackets So needless to say, my only child, narcissistic, victim husband has managed to keep his head above water by using my feelings against me. and tbh I can type this, and I can talk it. but I have yet to find the strength to just end it. I always end up feeling sorry canada goose factory outlet vancouver for him and caving in Canada Goose Jackets.