However, Europe largest budget airline has had to extend the

However, Sepura said while the terrestrial trunked radio (Tetra) market has not been immune to the global economic slowdown in the short term, it has been resilient and that the company remains confident in the growth prospects over the medium to long term.The company, a Cambridge based supplier of Tetra radios to policeforces, military and commercial users, proposed a final dividend of 0.85 pence, increasing its annual dividend to 1.27 pence up 49 percent from last year.For the year ended March 31, the company pretax profit before one off items fell to 12.5 million pounds from 14.1 million pounds ($23.2 million) last year. Revenue grew 9 percent to 74.1 million pounds.Research and development costs rose to 11.7 million pounds from 7.8 million pounds a year ago.Four analysts on average expected the company to post a pretax profit before exceptional items of 12.2 million pounds on revenue of 76.9 million pounds for the year, according to Reuters Estimates.Sepura shares closed at 49.5 pence on Monday on the London Stock Exchange. ($1=.6082 Pound) (Reporting by Tresa Sherin Morera in Bangalore; Editing by Himani Sarkar)..

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