Any accounts that don’t are purely savings accounts with tons

Mom might be stealing thousands from me to pay for herself

she was not paying “child support”. and there are in fact no laws preventing a parent from using their childs “gift” money canada goose outlet winnipeg for personal expenses. money specifically deposited to a 529 or coverdell account would be another matter, but unless the money is directly deposited there by the giver, thats not applicable. Even if that was an agreement or assumption between parent and child that cash would be deposited there. that would be hard to prove without a contract.I am not saying its right, but I am also not saying its wrong in all cases. FWIW I am sure if we did a full accounting of costs, the child canada goose outlet toronto factory would be well ahead on what the financial benefits they received vs the potential money “taken”.Now if the money is IN the education account, there canada goose factory outlet toronto location are legal rules on what it can be used for. Though again, you would need to go through a full accounting of eligible expenses incurred by the parent and withdrawals taken. You cant trace individual dollars to say canada goose discount uk that tuition was paid with their money, and this TV was bought with “coverdell money”. Those options may not be feasible depending on the exact situation, which is why he should consult with his lawyer for a detailed review. canada goose premium outlet Her mis use of the 529 money may have tax consequences canada goose outlet for her, but you may not have any legal canada goose outlet nyc way of getting that canada goose outlet store new york money back.You should separate all of your money from your mother. That means taking anything you have access to and moving it to an account that is only in your name, ideally at a different bank. Don use information that your mother knows to create security questions, PINs, etc.It sucks for OP. She used his canada goose outlet in toronto money to pay her divorce obligation and its all going to be legal because the money went in when he was a minor, so canada goose outlet toronto location she has the legal right to control it.His only shot is his dad bringing it up in court, but that is more money to lawyers and since she legally controlled the account, a judge probably won care. It all depends if the judge order intended for her to pay out of her paycheck and the judge wants to stick her on it by making her pay it back. I just think that is unlikely.He should have his dad ask his lawyer if going to court would have any buy canada goose uk shot at getting her to pay the canada goose outlet online store money canada goose outlet in vancouver back. He put his money into the 529. It wasn hers to use for her canada goose jacket outlet toronto divorce obligations. But because of the way 529 work, the money legally was hers.Its basically legal theft. Its like when the parents of child actors blow the kid money. Parents technically control the money of a child and the 529 was probably in the canada goose outlet locations in toronto mom name too.The only real way to have prevented canada goose womens outlet this was to predict she would do this and have had the judge order canada goose outlet miami her not to use these funds for her share of his education expenses. But odds are any order for her to pay didn exclude this and she is going to get away with it.I would although have his dad ask his lawyer for options, at the very least put a stop to it going forward by getting a judge to clarify her share needs to be from her earnings and not any savings. In Canada it varies by province, so there is no Canada wide law on it. The law states you simply need a valid ID to open an account and it’s up to the bank from there. All major banks I’ve looked into say that a joint account is needed for anyone under age for chequing accounts. Any accounts that don’t are purely savings accounts with tons of restrictions.If you can tell me exactly what bank this is I can look into it. Banks canada goose outlet toronto address don’t just put parental info on file, I’m willing to bet they bank with them as well and it’s a joint account. A kid cannot sign into a canada goose outlet london contractual agreement under the age of majority in any province. Meaning, your ability to see and interact with the non custodial parent does not depend on how current they are with child support payments. Yet at the same time, being current with official canada goose outlet child support payments does not mean the non custodial parent has carte blanche access to you. All of this is spelled out in your parent divorce decree. Just because dad falls behind in child support does not mean he no longer gets to see you. He still does, if you old enough to understand WTF carte blanche is, then kindly remind him to buck up. But if dad is broke and wants to see you, mom doesn get to say “NO ACCESS.” Same goes for the dad who always manages to pay, and somehow never shows up when he is supposed to.OP, demand for your mom that she adult up and give you restitution to the money she deemed herself as overseer. Yes, she spent it on you. But her obligation was to buy the books and activities on her own dime. That money was yours. Explain it to her calmly, rationally, and don let your emotions get in the way.She hasn exactly been stealing from you as much as designating herself treasurer. At least she didn go and get a boob job, so if worst comes to worse, wait until you are making money on your own, and let it go. Shitty deal that you got there.You got some issues, but before canada goose jacket outlet uk you decide how hard you want to pursue these issues you need to do a check of your life circumstances. Are you going to college, how is it being paid for, how dependent on your mom area you, do you have access to your essential documents (license, birth cert), is your phone in your name?Basically, you need to know how hard you can push on this given that if you push too hard you can lose canada goose outlet in new york college funding from her, get kicked out and so on.Do this inventory, talk to your dad and mom (separate) about college/life plans, open a separate bank account in your name only (telling the bank that your mother may come by with documents appearing to be from you and try to withdraw money, and asking them to setup protections to prevent this).

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