She will not be swayed by business owners

cuts to paid breaks and benefits is

TORONTO Tim Hortons franchisees who planned to offset the Ontario government’s minimum wage hike by cutting paid breaks and forcing workers to cover a bigger share of their benefits faced criticism from a new source Friday: their own head office.

aaa replica bags After days of public and government outrage stemming from policies introduced by Ron Joyce Jr. and Jeri Horton Joyce, the children of the company’s billionaire co founders, at their two Coburg, Ont., locations, Designer Replica Bags the coffee chain’s Canadian headquarters called the franchisees’ actions “reckless” and “completely unacceptable.” aaa replica bags

A statement from Tim Hortons released on Friday said the cuts “do not reflect the values of our brand, the views of our company or the views of the aaa replica designer handbags overwhelming majority of our dedicated and hardworking Restaurant Owners” and that staff “should never be used to further an agenda or be Replica Designer Handbags treated as just an replica handbags china ‘expense.’”

bag replica high quality The company didn’t elaborate on what it would do to help franchisees as they transition to paying workers at least $14, up from the previous minimum wage of $11.60 an hour. It will rise replica handbags online again to $15 in 2019. bag replica high quality

However, it said, “While our Restaurant Owners, like all small business owners, have found this sudden transition challenging, we are cheap replica handbags committed to helping them work through these changes.”

7a replica bags wholesale It and parent company Restaurant Designer Fake Bags Brands International Inc. requested Replica Handbags a mandatory conference call with KnockOff Handbags all store owners on Friday afternoon, according to Great White North Franchisee Association, a group created last year to give voice to the concerns of some Tim Hortons franchisees. 7a replica bags wholesale

replica bags from china A spokesperson for the association said she was not aware of what was discussed on the call. replica bags from china

replica bags buy online Restaurant Brands Inc. did not immediately respond to requests for comment and Tim Hortons’ headquarters said, “we have nothing further to add.” replica bags buy online

replica bags china The call comes on the heels of wholesale replica designer handbags Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne lashing out on Thursday at the franchisees’ cuts. replica bags china

Wynne called their actions “a clear act of bullying” and said if Joyce replica Purse Jr. purse replica handbags wants to challenge the Ontario government policy, he should come directly to her and not take it out on his workers.

buy replica bags Her sentiments were echoed by Ontario’s Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid on Friday, when he urged business owners to respect their low income workers. buy replica bags

replica wallets “The decision on minimum wage has been Wholesale Replica Bags made,” he said. “This premier will speak for those whose voices have often not been heard. She will proceed with our efforts to ensure that all workers benefit from our thriving economy. She will not be swayed by business owners, some of replica bags whom are high quality replica handbags very wealthy, to back away from her passion of Handbags Replica caring for those who are less fortunate.” replica wallets

Asked if it was hypocritical for the government to take this position since the Liberals cut benefits to some civil servants in 2014 to save $1.2 billion over five years, Duguid said this is a different circumstance.

best replica designer bags “As an employer the government has a responsibility to the taxpayers who pay the bills,” he said. “(And) to ensure that the wages we pay to our workers are fair both to Replica Bags taxpayers and to those workers. I think we’d be hard pressed when we Fake Handbags compare what our workers make to make any kind of a case to Fake Designer Bags suggest that they’re underpaid.” best replica designer bags

However, Unifor, Canada’s largest public sector union that represents more than 315,000 workers, released a statement on Friday stressing that “we can’t continue to have an economy based on poverty level wages for workers” and slamming cuts from the Tim Hortons franchisees as “a bully tactic by greedy business owners.”

replica bags It said it was alarmed by other chain restaurants that have reportedly been cutting benefits and even confiscating workers’ tips. replica bags

“At a time when CEOs are making record multi million dollar salaries, it is not too much to ask that workers Replica Bags Wholesale be able to afford a decent standard of living and that begins with raising the minimum hourly wage,” Unifor’s national president Jerry Dias said. “This week has really shown why workers need a stronger voice in the workplace.”.