Obviously the fee increases to $95

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Way back in the day when I was a barista, we had a homeless guy come in every day for a large coffee (half full) that he would fill the rest with cream, I think that was his breakfast. No problem, but he stank and looked very canada goose parka outlet uk scary (one leg, very tattered and filthy clothes). So we decided we could bring his large cream/coffee out to him when we saw him outside and canada goose outlet boston he agreed.

Canada Goose sale Already have the CSR and Marriott. Not really interested in Southwest, looking for either high quality miles for travel or good cash back. I have checked out the flow chart but canada goose outlet london not entirely sure what to go for next; I was looking at some of the Capital One cards. I read that you can have more than two. Is the venture rewards card what most people here go for? Canada Goose sale

Edit: sorry, I didn know there was a thread for this! I read this sub somewhat consistently but apparently never on a Wednesday.

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Canada Goose Parka It’s e3 weekend / week. A week that I’m absolutely obsessed with as a gigantic loser and gigantic canada goose outlet nerd. It’s almost like my Christmas, or it was years canada goose outlet los angeles ago when it really mattered. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store The fact that Smitty / canada goose outlet uk sale Devlin, the two who are trying to build the arm of barstool for video games, have absolutely nothing to say about it blows my mind. It’s the easiest fucking thing to cover. Be like everyone else out there and do a live stream of it. I know, I don’t come to barstool for video canada goose womens outlet game coverage but it’s still just crazy to me how dumb they are. canada goose store

Instead official canada goose outlet we get a KFCR quickie of them at e3. Sweet, the two guys who don’t give a fuck about games / think they’re childish. And kfc who thinks if a controller needs more than 3 4 buttons the game sucks.

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One thing I been struggling to find information on http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com I actually do have a real “business” now. Not a large one, but one with actual business expenses and actual profit. It not remotely big enough to spend the money to make it an LLC, so it just a sole proprietorship with a DBA. Me and my wife both participate in it, though, which is completely allowed according to the rules of sole proprietorship canada goose outlet official but is there anyway to get an Ink card for this business and have cards for both me and my wife? It sort of sounds like if you have a sole proprietorship, you have to use your own name as the name of the card (which would be ok, though I prefer to have the DBA), but that sort of indicates if I added another person, they be like “why did you say you had an employee? Rejected!” (I don have an “employee”, we legally both jointly the one owner!)

canada goose clearance That probably a question I have to just go ask Chase directly, but I figure I ask canada goose outlet seattle here first, cause it seemed like an interesting question. canada goose clearance

(Also complicating matters is the fact that my wife is the one who set up the sole proprietorship and the DBA under her ssn, and she set up two different DBAs for two different businesses that we filing both as sole proprietorships, and already got an Ink for the other one, which it also unclear whether they be willing to give her a second Ink for a second business if both were sole proprietorships? Though obviously it doesn really matter to us which account the hypothetical new card belonged to, since it would actually be a totally shared card regardless.)

canadian goose jacket I canada goose outlet in canada am planning on waiting until the end of the year to hit it hard for the southwest CP as early as possible next year which I assume would be something like (1. SW Business and SW Premier 2. (month+ later)SW Plus). canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale So for the summer I was considering getting one of the sapphire products, and maybe trying to get the Ink if I canada goose outlet washington dc can get past their lending department reviews canada goose coats on sale

As for the Ink, I have been blocked and canada goose outlet 80 off asked to provide many documents proving a have an actual business. I do have a real business, but I trying to get the Ink under my name and not the business so I can combine canada goose outlet online uk the points from personal and business cards. Is this possible? If not, my southwest CP plan doesn work either.

canada canada goose outlet black friday goose black friday sale Do you just apply again if canada goose outlet edmonton your “business” gets reviewed and requires more paperwork? canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats I used my SSN for the EIN in the application and I was thinking this may have been the biggest flag. Considering just getting the “business” setup and having that tax ID number for next app. canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket So I guess my biggest concerns are that I want to get the CP early as possible next year, so I don want to jeopardize 5/24 status Those possible 2/24 cards will definitely be gone by November, so I should be fine canada goose outlet ottawa to get at most 2 cards(that count toward 5/24) this year before going after it. Since everyone is having problems with the double dip I think I going to shoot for the Sapphire Reserve + one other (not including the Ink since that supposedly doesn count towards 5/24) over the next 4 months. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals A) Reserve is currently listed at 50k bonus on 4k spend. I thought I saw it at 80k last year. Is there a better time of year to wait and get the card for more points? canada goose deals

canada goose B) Can rewards from business cards be combined with rewards from personal cards? And if so does the “business” have to be in your name, or do you simply have to be the primary cardholder for the canada goose outlet new york business account? canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets C) Does my SW CP plan sound right? SW Bus + SW Premier(finishing spend in January), followed by SW Plus a month later. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet D) What are the best chase cards for travel other than sapphire and southwest? I have room for one other by the end of the year. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale E) For the Business Cards, Do you just apply again if your “business” gets reviewed and requires more paperwork? canada goose clearance sale

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Yay or nay on the Marriott Premier Plus upgrade offer? Both my wife and I got a 20k offer for one purchase before 12/31. Annual fee actually hit last bill cycle, and is already set to be paid online next week. Obviously the fee increases to $95. will I not have to pay that until next year?

Canada Goose online We only keep the card for the free night. So it basically seems like two more nights (20k points each) for an additional $20. We don really use the free nights for anything fancy just when visiting family out of town so we don have sleep on the couch Canada Goose online.