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high quality replica bags The Lochaber Rural Education Trust’s (LRET) junior show took place on Friday August 26. Awards were presented by trust manager Moira Hartley, trust chairwoman Linda Campbell and Isabel Campbell MBE, a trustee.Organisers congratulated all the winners, everyone who entered and all the volunteers and Hermes Bags Replica judges who helped make the event a success.Mrs Campbell welcomed everyone to the awards ceremony and said: Fake Hermes Bags ‘Our seventh junior gardening show has been a huge success best hermes replica handbags and the standard of entries is first class.’Mrs Campbell also thanked Banavie School, Inverlochy School and Lochyside/St Columba’s School who all took part Hermes Replica Handbags in the trust’s high quality hermes birkin replica 2016 seed to supper project.Best vegetable Inverlochy School, cabbage. Best flower Logan Spence, Inverlochy. high quality replica bags

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