But listen carefully, get beyond the Myspace and Facebook

practice in my kitchen and make the saucepans sing

Canada Goose Jackets The advent of social networking has given the age old concept of imaginary friends a distinctly 21st Century twist. Wears The Trousers, for instance, has several thousand of them. Most only appear when they want us to vote for something futile or join some group for no perceptible good reason, so the idea that they might all one day swarm together as a collective to form a needy and impenetrable wall of sound frankly gives me nightmares. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose online Never having had an imaginary friend of my own, Snuffleupagus was my first introduction to this form of transcendental social interaction. The lovable, droopy eyed furball was originally Big Bird dreamt up companion, until Street programmers got scared that they were damaging impressionable young minds and made him ‘real I was six years old. Then there was Rik Mayall in ‘Drop Dead Fred He seemed like a bother, and my phase of romanticising the concept was abruptly over. (I hadn seen ‘Harvey then.) Since then, my encounters with portrayals of these psychological manifestations have erred on the disturbing side. The ‘Donnie Darko bunny, the freakish children of ‘El Orfanato and now Society Of Imaginary Friends. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale have said our music takes them somewhere dark and beautiful, says the Society striking figurehead Louise Kleboe when Wears The Trousers goes to meet her in a Soho caf on a particularly dreary August morning. And indeed ‘dark and ‘beautiful are two words that come up time and again in the band canada goose outlet ottawa reviews. Others are ‘surreal canada goose stockists uk ‘strange ‘cinematic and the always dependable canada goose outlet ‘Lynchian Everyone knows what you mean when canada goose outlet real you say that something is Lynchian. Remember that really odd Specsavers advert from a couple of canada goose outlet in new york years ago, the one with the woman on a ropeswing who was, quite inexplicably, suddenly canada goose outlet online plonked in the middle of some blood red, seated antechamber, still on the swing, pulling sex kitten faces for the sake of selling some designer frames? No? Well, that was pretty Lynchian, or at least it was trying to be. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats on sale But back to the point: the song on that advert was sung by none other than Louise Kleboe, and very dramatic it was too. Armed with a stunning operatic voice, Louise could sing a takeaway menu and it would still sound fantastic. She often sings in a multitude of different languages, so for all I know maybe she really is just putting in her order. With the Society debut album, the evocatively titled Sadness Is A Bridge To Love, finally getting a full release next month, it time the world woke up to this weird and wonderful trio. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Remember how fresh, exotic and out of canada goose factory outlet toronto location time Goldfrapp Felt Mountain felt eight years ago? canada goose outlet canada Listening to Sadness Is A Bridge To Love is a similarly disorienting experience. Each song is almost an elaborate operetta in itself, combining elements of film noir soundtracks, Romani jazz and orchestral chamber folk, and of course that phenomenal voice, twisted into dramatic, fluid shapes. But what really brings the Society music into a modern context, canada goose outlet us and what bends the mind, is the disparate subject matters they tackle, some completely at odds with the conventional notion of opera. When asked what the album main themes are, Louise just canada goose outlet store uk laughs and says, usual: love, passion, death, disorder and explosive heroic sunsets at the end of it all. she a fantasist. You don get many explosive heroic sunsets in London. She nods. firstly got into music as a means of escape. Through music I could get away from pain by describing it. But my favourite place on earth is central London. I wouldn be anywhere else. pressed for reasons why, she more than happy to extol the virtues of London thriving creative community. There her fellow Society members Alfie Thomas ( sexiest accordionist in the world and Cara Vella ( magician on the violin and various collaborators who have worked with the band in composing music for http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org film and TV, people like Anselmo Netto ( of the best musicians I have ever played with; he can play a tune on a crisp packet! flautist Liz Palmer, trombonist Hillary Jeffrey and Band Of Holy Joy frontman Johnny Brown, who she calls Arthur Rimbaud of the Noughties and a great performer. Louise should know a thing or two about performing. She been doing it since the age of 10, when she first accompanied herself on guitar at the Orkney Folk Festival. It was actually her guitar teacher, Mr Bosustow, who discovered her vocal potential and helped to develop her incredible expressiveness and range. I was 17 he dedicated himself to teaching me classical singing for free. You have usually got to be quite rich to get your voice trained, so without him it would canada goose outlet in chicago never have happened. her father and grandfather were sailors of Norwegian ancestry and when the family moved to the Orkneys she would spent a lot of time out on the cliffs lobster creeling with her dad. a true Viking girl I love the sea, she says. sea and the Islands have an amazing spirit. Everything seems to sing. We wrote a song about canada goose outlet reviews it called ‘The Oyster Catcher’ mum, too, had an influence as Louise would often dig out her old blues records and soak them in. Old timers like Champion Jack Dupree and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee were often played alongside Holst The Planets, ‘Porgy Bess and The Incredible String Band. Later she discovered Shostakovich ( love the secret messages in his writing and the sheer power of it and Bla Bartk. play Mikrokosmos whenever I canada goose outlet trillium parka black can, she says. baroque. Also Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin; Nina Simone, Nina Hagen, Patti Smith. And alsoJohn Adams. track ‘Nursery Of Dark Light was actually written one night after the band had been to see Adams conduct an symphonic version of his opera ‘Dr Oppenheimer at the Proms. and Alfie went back to the studio and just had canada goose kensington parka uk loads canada goose outlet uk sale of fun messing around and improvising. We did it in one take. The whole night had a fantastic atmosphere. A rainy late night in Soho. not all the songs were conceived of and finished within an hour. The recording process has been long and fractured, taking over 3 canada goose outlet miami years to finish the album between lots of other projects. often start as voice notes on a mobile phone, and then the words can come even a year later, so canada goose outlet las vegas the album has evolved as each song has come together, she explains. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale It easy to imagine how long these songs take to complete. Each one is packed with intricacies. ‘The Moors starts as a multi layered delayed cloud of violins with double basses dramatically underscoring them, before Louise voice cuts in telling, in her own words, story of a sublime hungover morning on the roof of the world canada goose jacket outlet uk ‘Flower On The Wall could almost be a Bond theme, and ‘Night Of Power shimmers with electric expectation. have said to me that when the crescendo happens that they have had the sensation of leaving their body, she smiles, evidently pleased with this assessment. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose Even among such songs of dizzying richness and baffling passages, one track stands above all in terms of its sheer strangeness. ‘For Those Online brings us back around to the contemporary form of imaginary friends, taking a creepy look at the intimate interpersonal relationships we form with people who are essentially strangers. On first listen you might think it all some canada goose outlet locations in toronto big joke I did and lyrics like leave a comment so clever and sweet / you hype yourself up, I press delete / welcome to Myspace! This is my space! don really help. But listen carefully, get beyond the Myspace and Facebook namechecks, and you uncover the real grit of the song in lines like hope you won hurt me when you come to call / you say that you want me, warts and all. networking looks suddenly less canada goose outlet online store review appealing through the Society spyglass, and Louise soon shows she not too modern a lady to climb on the back of her wolf steed and get all ‘Ride Of The Valkyries on canada goose outlet online reviews your ass. many affairs? / how many fucks this month? she trills on swirling album highlight ‘The Tide Of Life further admonishing with called me a whore but let face it / you not exactly a temple of virtue, not anymore. that song was one of my favourite sessions, Louise grins. I improvised over the end passage and hit a beautiful top B and held it. Unfortunately that means I have to do it live each time we perform it, which can be nerve wracking. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats am in the process of learning a new technique at the moment to get more resonance in my voice, with a wonderful soprano called Louise Walsh. By next year I should be able to sing in large venues without a microphone. I practice in the kitchen canada goose outlet boston and make the saucepans sing with my voice poor neighbours! they won mind, I say. It take them somewhere dark and beautiful. She laughs. They should buy our CD. It cheaper than a trip to the Orkneys! Pedder and Katy Carr canada goose coats.