Ahmad]”Every bid’ah is a misguidance and every misguidance

Each Bid’ah destroys a sunnahRasulullah stated strong words about the people involved in bid’ahs because every bid’ah destroys a sunnah.”When a Bid ah is created then a Sunnah dies.” [I. Ahmad]“Every bid’ah is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire.” [Buhari, Muslim, Ibni Mace, Nesai]“Damn three kinds of people; cruel leader, sinner and bid’ah inventor.” [Deylemi]“Prays, feats, pilgrimage, jihad, religious duties and supererogatory prayers of the bid ah inventors are not accepted. They easily go out from the religion.” [Ibni Mace]“Whoever innovates something that do not suit the religion that is bid’ah and it cannot be accepted.” [Buhari, Muslim, Ebu Davud]“Damn the people who innovates something and who protect the innovators.” [Buhari]The people who are aware of the real religion are given tasks to prevent Bid’ah:”The scholars inform everyone when bid’ahs are expanded and the new people of the society damn the previous ones.

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