His hit canada goose uk site puts underspin on the ball

Jstn insane shot for OT

I legit lost my voice. This might sound lame but I a very depressed and anxious dude and have been going through a lot of shit with my sleep disorders. It has been a while since canada goose outlet black friday I felt any sort of positive emotion. That goal was like, damn I wanted to cry I was so happy. Even with the end result canada goose outlet winnipeg address I still was just living in the present canada goose stockists uk and felt emotions for canada goose outlet us the first time and it was a little light in the darkness that has been surrounding me lately. This sounds so lame but this RLCS and Rocket League in general has always been a great get away for me when I at my worst. I just now realized who I responding to actually, so I just say thanks to you and everyone involved in the creation of Rocket League and RLCS. The game you all have created canada goose outlet toronto has saved me in some really canada goose outlet uk dark times and I don think I could ever repay yall. Great series www.canadagooseonline.info and both teams were incredible. Can wait till next season!what lame is people who can canada goose outlet eu understand WHY you feel certain emotions also can fathom that those emotions are still happening. Like who gives a fuck if you crying because you spilled your ice cream, or because you lost 100 dollars, the fact is your sad, or happy, or wtf ever and that all that matters.So no bro, it not lame to have emotions, I canada goose outlet in chicago wanted NRG to take it, and when dignitas put me in a horrible mood with only 4 seconds left, NRG completely wiped that feeling out with greatest goal i ever seen, squishy ceiling shot would be second greatest, but it not evena close second now, because JSTN was so cluth here, his first season, grand finals, game 7. canada goose outlet seattle like. I think they should look into being able to customize some options on high level matches like this. canada goose outlet hong kong A few seconds is fine in a standard ranked game. But in a Grand Finals for RLCS, the moment is so huge for guys so young that there should be some time to regroup and refocus. For a game that requires so much focus, it would really help the overall quality of the game. I went back and watched that clip about a few dozen times, both at 1x,.5x and.25x. From what I could tell, it looked like Fire was thinking of reading Canada Goose Outlet the bounce off the wall and GarretG was making the call to clear. So when it was apparent that the ball wasn clearable, GarretG and Fireburner both changed directions at the same time and made the bump happen.What should happened is (1) there should been a 2 minute break, as both teams were probably mentally exhausted, and (2) Fireburner shoudl just went back to goal after JSTN attempt, as JSTN was flying all the way to Egypt and needed time to get back. Had Fire rotated to goal and let Garret just go, there never would been a miscommunication or mis read on the play.Either way, Fireburner is getting too much heat (HARR HARR) for his decision and how the play unfolded. It was kind of a perfect storm to have the ball placed equidistant between Fire and Garret, where, in any other game, either player would just known what to do.I feel bad for them too, but let be honest, they had two rounds to figure out how to solve Dignitas, and only started to do so after a bracket reset and going down 0 2. GGs to all. What a wonderful, WONDERFUL series! A+ crowd!breaking down NRG the playWhen the penultimate play of the series begins, Dignitas is up 3 2 with 0:04 remaining. jstn wins the kickoff and Kaydop follows with a return, lobbing the ball into NRG corner. GarrettG volleys the ball into the air back across the middle as the clock hits 0:00, and Violentpanda follows up this hit. Panda decides not to kill the ball immediately, which is crucial for this play to occur. Instead, he lobs it back into NRG corner. As he lands, fireburner drives up beneath him, and the bully keeps him from challenging again, which canada goose uk allows jstn canada goose outlet paypal to center the ball. Right behind him, Fireburner turns on a dime, canada goose victoria parka outlet and dodges right diagonally on the immediately following 50/50 with turbopolsa. His hit canada goose uk site puts underspin on the ball, allowing it to fall to canada goose outlet toronto factory the right edge and bounce up off the curvature of the map. jstn is in the air in a heartbeat, while Fireburner is looking for goalies and GarrettG is following up in support. canada goose outlet kokemuksia jstn inverts his car by air rolling left after pitching upward. As he sees Kaydop approaching on the wall below canada goose outlet new york city him, he air rolls left a little more, past canada goose outlet store montreal the center of rotation, allowing him to just tip the front of his car downward and point the redirect behind Kaydop. he has at least 35 boost when he takes off, and canada goose jacket outlet uk exhausts his tank by the time he canada goose outlet black friday sale hits the backboard.As the commentator said, this truly is canada goose discount uk Rocket League. GGs to NRG and the reigning world champs, Team Dignitas.edit: because i had a slight mistake.lol i wanna watch the replay file, gonna be sickGreat analysis of what I hope to be a play that is remembered for a very long time. Unfortunately though, sports have shown that incredible plays by the teams that lose are not remembered very well. Despite that, in that moment, this goal has got to be the most jaw dropping, shit losing moment in rocket league history. The Squishy goal may be more technical, but when you add in the situation, the two don even compare.

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