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Yep! Back then it was different times. Sprays on hair. Jackets. He still tells her he feels happy.But at times she feels isolated unable to communicate with her husband as she once did.”It’s lonely, yes, it is quite lonely,” she says. “But then he doesn’t realise that, so it’s not as though you’re living with somebody who is doing something to make you feel like that.”Christopher a former magistrate has now been given a disabled parking badge, which Veronica says makes life a lot less stressful.But the invisible nature of Alzheimer’s can cause problems.Recently the couple were stopped getting into their car by someone who told them they did not look “ill enough” for the blue badge.”‘You’re not disabled’, this man said, as we were parked. So I said to him, ‘You change spaces with me for 24 hours’.”Christopher’s memory and speech may have declined, but Veronica says his “interaction and feeling hasn’t gone.

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