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March 2014

canadian goose jacket I getting to be a relatively quick sewer. Relatively. And I feel canada goose outlet los angeles like I beginning to get a feel for patterns to sort of know what to expect from the sketches, what the techniques used will most likely be and how I can tailor the pieces for what I need. Especially the finishing!! So I taking the plunge. I trying to tackle techniques that have long been ignored on my sewing list. Patterns that I been avoiding because I can necessarily bend them to my will:) up: taming the button placket. Here my first attempt. canadian goose jacket

canada goose I love buttons. My mom is a pioneering seamstress. made my baptismal gown, quilts, stuffed toys galore, a poodle skirt for the school play, added feathers to my prom outfit, and on and on. She did put her foot down about making my wedding dress but I think that was because she was already responsible for making the genache for 300 plus guests and because I wanted her to make a Vera Wang or something ridiculous. remember combing canada goose outlet washington dc through them as a kid. Some time over the last couple of years, canada goose outlet uk sale she handed them over to me and now my daughter spends hours sorting them in the sewing room while the machine hums. I long wanted to add buttons to projects but it is a tough step. You know, you have a perfectly pretty garment and the final step is to cut holes in it? Eek. But Rae Geranium dress got me used to the idea a couple of years ago. And she makes the canada goose outlet edmonton process foolproof. the dress and the alterations that I made: cut out a size 3/View A canada canada goose outlet us goose

Canada Goose online I changed the hem to a high low, inspired by the dress in this post and using my previous notes for monkeying up a hem. eliminated the overlapping button placket part on the Geranium back bodice piece and cut the back bodice on the fold instead of in two. used this tutorial making the new, front button placket and made mine 9.5″ long. I omitted the lining and instead used bias tape as facings. I made the bias tape using this tutorial lavender shot cotton and gray linen are from here. The whitish/bluish dot is from here shop is so super awesome, fastest shipping ever and pixie sticks in their packaging, woot!). buttons are from here. And it really is something that I proud canada goose outlet nyc of just a muslin, canada goose outlet black friday I don think that it end up in her regular rotation but now I know! I can make bias tape, I can make a placket and practice makes perfect, right? are you working on? Canada Goose online

canada goose store Joining Nicole and her readers today over here. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet And finally, just caught a lovely little Geranium with back ties over here. Check it out:) Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance In the wee hours of the morning and late at night, I am still knitting up a storm. My guy needed a hat for spring training and I had a hankering to make one of the Barley for a long time. Have you heard of this guy? I hadn read canada goose womens outlet anything of his before, though canada goose uk site I had meant to read The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao never got to it. ago, though, I caught this interview with Diaz and Kerri Miller. Now, canada goose outlet new york I am one of those weirdos that has NPR kind of droning on endlessly in the background while I working, eating, cleaning you name it. I do tend to shut it down when my kids are around because, well, it can be so totally violent and depressing. Anyway, when I caught Diaz talking about women, I sat right down and sobbed. His interview was funny and informative but really moving too. I had to get this book on book canada goose outlet sale club list. did not dissapoint. And how could it with that title? The book was vivid and painful, impactful what else can I say? Having been born and raised in Northern Minnesota, I not terribly familiar with Latin American culture so I was very curious about this book. I do have a veracious appetite for social history and although this is a work of fiction, I think you could argue that it addresses some very real life gender issues. Not to mention a story about immigrant experience in America that is so often glazed over. encourage you to give a listen to his interview it eye opening. The book took him 16 years to write, yet canada goose victoria parka outlet it relatively short and well worth your attention in my opinion. I listened to the audiobook version and was thrilled to learn that Diaz, himself would be the one reading. tell me what are you stitching canada goose outlet winnipeg address on and reading? canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap My life with leather sounds a little seedy I guess. I going to go with it anyway. have been dreaming about making one of Noodlehead Cargo Duffles since the tutorial first came out last fall. I couldn really find a zipper easily, though, and I couldn cope with picking the fabrics. Then Kristin made a catnap duffle and I caught the fever all over again. Anna been posting all kinds of beautiful versions canada goose outlet mall again too and then Sophie of C la vie to host a sewalong, complete with all of the trappings (even a post about choosing the fabric!) and I could wait no longer. started slowly, as planned and shared a few shots of my progress on flickr. And a sweet paisley print from here. Originally, I had gotten this print to complement this one, but I ended up not using it and I so glad that I saved it for this Mary Poppins style duffle. I totally heart Sophie sewalong. It gave me the courage to try something new and to take my time. Her tips are invaluable and I learned plenty to apply to my other projects as well. Thanks Sophie! Oh, and did I mention that the sewalong was also bilingual? Too cool! buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats lined the duffle using Kristin tutorial and I really like the result. I would even argue that putting the lining in is easier than pinching all of the quilted layers into a binding. Kristin recommended handstitching around the bottom parts of the zipper but I was able to get in there with my zipper foot without too much trouble, making the lining installation even quicker. I had planned to sew the outside in just the plain navy and to line it with the paisley but changed courses at the last minute print is a bit out of my comfort zone but I really like it. I learned some tricks along the way, though I by no means an expert. I think that the reason that a lot of people are nervous about sewing with leather is because of the supposed canada goose outlet houston finality of it. It not quite so risky, though. Leather does stretch more than a woven and more in one way than the other it also varies from hide to hide. So I always baste using a narrow seam allowance before taking the plunge. It less risky this way and gives you a chance to see how the particular piece that you using will behave. Afterwards, the holes punched by the basting can be simply hidden with your new seam. You can always trim off the ugly too if you like. canada goose outlet store uk Probably the single most helpful tool for sewing with leather, though, is a good canada goose outlet location presser foot, made for feeding through heavier layers. Mine is called a “jeans foot” and it came with my machine. I been advised to use a walking foot with leather but I find that the jeans foot is a surer bet. In fact, I used my jeans foot for this whole project. Anna recommended these Clover Wonder Clips in a great post about sewing notions recently and they were an excellent tool for holding the leather in place while I sewed. all in all, a very fun, very satisfying project. I did not sew it perfectly (surprise) but I promised myself that I wouldn go on about the mistakes I made. Once I started, I had a hard time slowing down and as a result, there are some canada goose outlet store calgary imperfections (oh horror). I love my new duffle and I got two more on the cutting table for the kids. I got my zipper on Amazon, just remember that it should be NON SEPARATING. canada goose coats

canada goose deals So there this thing with knitting a sweater. There this giddiness when you first get a glimpse of a new and very stylish pattern. And then you think, the woman in the picture, she looks great. And comfy too. You commit. You buy the pattern. You find yarn that will work. It in a dk weight, so it should go fast. Then you knit, feverishly, all through February. And then, magically, and finally it is complete and this is when the heartbreak always commences. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket I bought this pattern fresh off of the press. Why oh why didn I wait for my cyber knitting mentor to complete her experiment first?! Side note: if you canada goose outlet in chicago are a knitter, new, old or canada goose outlet in usa thinking about starting, head on over to Felicia space right now!! There is a wealth of knitspeak over there that is very, very useful. Not to mention plenty of other inspiration to keep you busy. don mean to be tough on little Lila but if I were speaking to you in person about her, you might detect a bit of pitch change in my voice as it rises higher and threatens to whine. But there something about the fit that off. It can be demystified Felicia got the potion. But it too late for me, for she is no longer on the needles. And she too big. Even after a lengthy spin in the dryer. The arms and the body are canada goose outlet legit too wide. The torso is shorter than I like. wanted it to fit like this casual through the torso with well fitting arms. I think that the test of whether or not a new garment will get worn takes about 24 hours. This test goes for ready to wear too, excepting special occassion wear. But especially for the handmade. If it right, after all of that work, you be reaching for it within the first 24 hours. If not, it possible that it not right for you. There some room for improvement. Ravelry notes are here for the strong at heart:) What are you knitting on these days?I was in no way ready to have kids. I didn plan on it. Never planned on being married, never planned on being a mom, never planned on raising a family in my hometown. My only plan, in my twenties, was to flee. I ended up back on the shore of Lake Superior where I grew up. I fell in love bought property with my boyfriend, lived in a tent, then built a tiny house that we lived in with canada goose outlet our two dogs and without running water. I went back to college. I got pregnant. I had two kids that were born 16 months apart. I studied all the time and traveled back and forth to my school, five hours south of home, other weekend buy canada goose jacket.