It the operatic equivalent of microwaving yesterdays leftovers

ENO’s Fidelio

canada goose store Bieito himself was largely absent while he canada goose coats uk masterminded his brand new Die Soldaten in Zurich, leaving the ENO work mostly to assistants. ENO past claim that they never contracted him is perhaps not so odd as it first seemed. His absence manifests itself in a sort of general energy shortage canada goose outlet los angeles and a tendency to fall back on conventional interpretations. canada goose store

Canada Goose canada goose sale uk sale With nothing more provocative than a capacious pair of underpants on show, Bieito vandalism is largely verbal. He removes some canada goose factory outlet vancouver of the clumsy original dialogue Canada Goose UK Outlet and interpolates elegant and fitting poetry in its place. A crime according to some but hardly more transgressive than singing the whole thing in English. We get the third Leonore overture at the start, and its regular place towards the end, a string quartet. It one of those updates that doesn mesh entirely with the libretto, and as in canada goose jacket outlet toronto Munich, I was puzzled from time to time. But Bieito central message we are all prisoners is crystal clear. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets This canada goose outlet online reviews wasn the first night, so I didn get to see Stuart Skelton Florestan, the main attraction according to most reports. Taking his place was Bryan Register, an American tenor whose wide vibrato detracts from a big, ringing voice. Emma Bell sings with an intensity that suits Bieito production, canada goose outlet store montreal and a slight unsteadiness lent her Leonore an edge. James Creswell made a solid Rocco. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale It often said that Fidelio is impossible to get right but it also impossible to get totally canada goose outlet reviews wrong. The music is too resilient for that. Ed Gardner came as close as I heard to disaster. He deserves some canada goose outlet in chicago credit I suppose for attempting a style, but neither he nor the orchestra were up to it. Clipped phrasing exposed shoddy playing. Tempi were all over the place, the galloped through overture being the worst example. Worst, there canada goose outlet niagara falls was no sense of any overriding vision of the work as a whole. When canada goose parka outlet uk the Heath Quartet descended in cages from the flies playing the beautiful Adagio from Op.132, my tears were due as much to relief as anything else. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance I saw it on Tuesday and left at half time couldn take anymore. From the distracting pointless clambering up and down the set to poor singing and no voice projection I canada goose parka uk thought it was horrible. I assumed Emma Bell was having an off canada goose outlet london night as the upper register was shaky and the rest almost atonal. Didn get to hear the American tenor as a result but heard him murdering Siegmund with atrocious German on you tube. Hated canada goose outlet belgium the sing song English libretto too which gave the whole thing a dire West End musical feel. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket Saw this on Thursday with my wife, a huge Fidelio canada goose outlet store new york fan. We both thought the music excellent although the cuts jarred, and the insertion of the Leonore 3 overture and (utterly pointless) string quartet we could have done without. I too had always thought it impossible to ruin Fidelio, but this director made a pretty good fist of it, from the pointless set and irrelevant to turning Don Fernando into a Pantomime Dame. Why do ENO persist in employing directors who seem to goose outlet canada think it their canada goose outlet location role to the piece in their own canada goose outlet germany way, rather than as the composer and librettist wrote it, and who give every impression of never having read the libretto? My recommendation go, but keep your eyes shut! buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket Cutting canada goose stockists uk almost all of the spoken text is pretty radical, though again not unheard of. Lehnhoff Salzburg production did that, even to the point of dropping the wonderful Melodram in the prison, where Leonore and Rocco speak with an orchestral accompaniment, like recitative without notes. I think canada goose outlet canada IM is spot on this really isn a Bieito canada goose womens outlet show and ENO is mis selling it as such. It the operatic equivalent of microwaving yesterdays leftovers. Shame you missed Skelton, IM. Did you go to the LPO Grimes canadian goose jacket.